Sheriff urges knowing where sex offenders live

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Highland County Sheriff Donnie Barrera reports that within the county there are approximately 80 registered sex offenders. With Halloween right around the corner, he says it is crucial that you know which houses to avoid when trick or treating.

Barrera invites the public to view the Ohio Attorney General’s website at Once at the site, select your state, then your county. At the top left of the page, you will see a tab entitled “Search for Offenders…” You may then research neighborhoods and addresses important to you. You may also register to receive email notifications on registered sex offenders within the proximity of these addresses.

“The mapping and address feature found on the website pinpoints exactly where an offender lives,” Barrera said.

Barrera further stated that if you aren’t planning on trick or treating in your neighborhood, but will be in a family or friend’s neighborhood, you may register their address beforehand, so you know which houses to avoid. You can register any and all addresses where your children spend time, for example: friends’, grandparents’, or babysitter’s addresses.”

“Community Notification empowers you with knowledge that can be used to protect your family and you from becoming victims,” Barrera said. “I firmly believe that the more educated and aware a community is of what and where dangers may lurk, the more success we have with our community notification programs.”

Barrera encouraged everyone to have a fun and safe Halloween.

“Knowledge is power. Knowing where the registered sex offenders reside in your area can help you make the best choices for safe and enjoyable Halloween activities,” Barrera said.

For further information, call the Barrera at 937-393-1421.

Submitted by Highland County Sheriff Donnie Barrera.


Submitted story