Final Highland County election results don’t change outcomes

By Gary Abernathy -

Election board officials review the final official canvass Thursday morning at the Highland County Board of Elections, where outcomes did not change after the addition of provisional votes and a few absentee ballots.

Winners and losers did not change in the 2016 General Election in Highland County after the official canvass was conducted Friday, although several provisional and absentee ballots that were added to the mix led to revised final counts in many races.

The Mowrystown mayor’s race between incumbent Frank Terwilliger and challenger Bonnie Parr, which had Terwilliger ahead by 5 votes on election night, ended up even closer, with Terwilliger winning 40-38.

In other tight contests, Jerry Miller Jr. won the Jackson Township trustee race with 141 official votes, compared to 136 for Stephen Waits and 60 for Doug Crum. In Salem Township, Dave Hamilton won the trustee race with 124 votes, compared to 104 for Jonathan Mootz and 42 for Chad Pitzer, while in the fiscal officer race in that township, Jamie Wells won with 136 votes compared to 126 for Becky Sanderson.

Freddie Snyder defeated Wendy Holliday in the Leesburg mayor’s race, 151-137.

The race that garnered the most attention locally this year was the Hillsboro mayor’s race. In the final count, incumbent Drew Hastings picked up 36 more votes to end up with 1,063, while challenger Pam Limes saw 21 votes added to her total to land at an official final tally of 726, meaning Hastings won with 59.4 percent of the vote.

Former Highland County Sheriff Ron Ward ended up winning the Liberty Township trustee race with 64.11 percent of the vote, taking 1,792 votes to 1,003 for Tyler Kelch.

Across the county, 173 votes were added to the unofficial results on election night, most of them provisional ballots along with 21 absentee ballots that arrived at the election board and that were postmarked in time to be counted. On election night, there were 145 provisional ballots yet to be counted. In the end, 7 provisional ballots were disallowed, based on final tallies.

Provisional ballots are cast when there are issues about a registration or a change of address question. Election officials investigate to make sure a voter was legally registered and did not cast a vote at two different locations. If they did not, the votes are counted.

Steve Witham, elections administrator with the Highland County Board of Elections, said no results are statistically close enough to trigger an automatic recount. Final official turnout in Highland County was 44.88 percent, with a total of 11,909 cards cast out of 26,538 registered voters.

Final official results are as follows.

Hillsboro mayor:

Drew Hastings 1063

Pam Limes 726

Hillsboro law director:

Fred Beery 1398

Hillsboro auditor:

Gary Lewis 1369

Greenfield council-at-large (3 seats):

Bob Bergstrom 541

Mark Clyburn, 469

Chris Borreson 414

William Redenbaugh 282

Village of Highland mayor

Henry Smith 61

Jeremy Kibbey 28

Village of Highland council (2 seats):

Donald Davy 61

Darlene Ervin 56

Village of Leesburg mayor:

Freddie Snyder 151

Wendy Holliday 137

Village of Leesburg council (2 seats):

Wesley Willey 164

Shawn Priest 158

Jeremy Cannon 121

Village of Lynchburg mayor:

Terry Burden 288

Tim Heizer 124

Gary Jones 76

Village of Lynchburg council (2 seats):

Marty Bailey 235

James Burton 214

Terry Moore 182

Kevin Radcliffe 101

Kevin Whitenack 96

Village of Mowrystown mayor:

Frank Terwilliger 40

Bonnie Parr 38

Village of Mowrystown council (2 seats):

Jan Cooper 63

Jeffrey Cooper (write-in) 9

Bright Local School District board (3 seats):

Tammy Hauke 793

Mike Ames 700

Fairfield Local School District board (3 seats):

Ron Friend 752

Shawn Willey 628

Scott Bates 549

Mary Haag 504

Jeff Burleson 416

Jennifer Waterman 237

Arthur Rigsby 221

Greenfield Exempted Village School District board (2 seats):

Sandy Free 1121

Greg Barr 948

Jason Allison 914

Hillsboro City School District board (2 seats):

Terry Britton 2746

Tom Milbery 2270

Michael Salyer 1571

Lynchburg-Clay Local School District (3 seats):

Chad McConnaughey 1308

Brad Hess 1094

Bobbie Jo Ernst 999

SOESC SD-7 Governing Board (1 seat) (Highland County only)

Roger West 1044

East Clinton School Board (2 seats0 (Highland County only)

Mark Garen 242

Greg Bronner 162

Eastern Local School Board (3 seats) (Highland County only)

Kenneth Kelch 9

Martin Yockey 9

Lowell Richey 5

Vernon Creighton 2

Eastern Local School Board Unexpired Term (1 seat) (Highland County only)

Debbie Forsythe 12

Miami Trace School Board (2 seats) (Highland County only)

Charlie Andrews 1

Bruce Kirkpatrick 1

Ohio Valley School Board (2 seats) (Highland County only)

Sarah McDaniel 124

Kent Bauman 57

Charlie Bess 56

Each township in Highland County had one trustee seat and the fiscal officer position up for election this year.

Brushcreek Township:


David Chaney 281

Fiscal officer:

Betty McElwee 250

Clay Township:


Jim Massey 379

Fiscal officer:

Pat Winkle 345

Concord Township:


Gary Shannon 325

Fiscal officer:

Karen Schroeder 284

Dodson Township:


Marvin Resibois 687

Fiscal officer:

Kristy Warner 468

Gary West 345

Fairfield Township:


Andy Caldwell 782

Fiscal officer:

Patrick Hagen 724

Hamer Township:


Nathan Mootz (write-in) 32

Fiscal officer:

Kim Walker 201

Jackson Township:


Jerry Miller Jr. 141

Stephen Waits 136

Doug Crum 60

Fiscal officer:

Carleta Weyrich 225

Chris Michael 129

Liberty Township:


Ronald Ward 1792

Tyler Kelch 1003

Fiscal officer:

Kay Barrera 2244

Madison Township:


Dan Mathews 1100

Fiscal officer:

Sherri Beatty 1049

Marshall Township:


Jeff Patton 252

Fiscal officer:

Sonya Blankenship 234

New Market Township:


Nick Bare 329

Wayne Harless 296

Fiscal officer:

Dick Barrera 556

Paint Township:


Randy Mustard 835

Fiscal officer:

Joshua Matthews 618

Penn Township:


Daryl Bumgarner 338

Trustee unexpired term:

Jay Duncan 318

Fiscal officer:

Jason Davis 346

Salem Township:


Dave Hamilton 124

Jonathan Mootz 104

Chad Pitzer 60

Fiscal officer:

Jamie Wells 136

Becky Sanderson 126

Union Township:


Nathan Brown 373

Fiscal officer:

Peggy Hite 355

Washington Township:


Arthur Harless 276

Fiscal officer:

Vic Gall 244

Whiteoak Township:


Fred Yochum 315

Fiscal officer:

Wayne Ferguson 315

Clay Township cemetery renewal, 0.5 mill, 5 years (50-Clay)

For 263, Against 167

Clay Township fire renewal, 1.5 mills, 5 years (50-Clay)

For 260, Against 169

Liberty Township cemetery additional, 0.1 mill, 5 years (61-Liberty NE, 62-Liberty NW, 63-Liberty S)

For 405, Against 699

Flagway 16-Local Option (Sunday sales beer) (01-Greenfield North)

Yes 220, No 205

Buford Convenient Mart-Local Option (beer, wine and mixed beverages) (50-Clay)

Yes 310, No 127

Buford Convenient Mart-Local Option (Sunday sales-wine and mixed beverages) (50-Clay)

Yes 277, No 162

State Issue One (Redistricting)

Yes 7151, No 3923

State Issue Two (Anti-monopoly amendment)

Yes 5641, No 5945

State Issue Three (Marijuana legalization)

Yes 4463, No 7334

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Election board officials review the final official canvass Thursday morning at the Highland County Board of Elections, where outcomes did not change after the addition of provisional votes and a few absentee ballots. board officials review the final official canvass Thursday morning at the Highland County Board of Elections, where outcomes did not change after the addition of provisional votes and a few absentee ballots.

By Gary Abernathy