‘It’s really nice here’

Not long ago, I was walking through Hillsboro on my way back to The Times-Gazette office. I can’t remember precisely what I’d been covering, but I know the route was one I’d taken countless times before.But on that particular day, something struck me. It was one of those first really nice days of spring – the kind where every color is brighter and every feeling more vibrant. The day was slightly breezy, the air was warm, and in those few moments, I couldn...

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Take care with what you have

As I write this column, it is Earth Day.This day of observation to rally against environmental harms and to engage in a much more mindful approach to everyday living has been around for more than 40 years.I haven’t known about Earth Day all that long, a few years maybe. But I love the idea.I am a tree hugger. No matter the stigma that is attached upon making the claim, I make the claim nonetheless.No matter that the label is meant to be deroga...

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Is the War on Drugs worth fighting?

Last week, state health officials reported that a record number of Ohioans died from heroin overdoses in 2012, the latest year with complete statewide statistics, and that fatal drug overdoses of all kinds hit a record of 1,272, up from 1,154 the year before.The report was only focused on accidental fatal overdoses, and not drug usage in general. As Sheriff Richard Warner told The Times-Gazette for our page one story on the subject on Saturday, a lot of would-be overdoses in Highla...

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Game of crash the eggs, anyone?

I was talking to my sixth-grade nephew the other day about his parents hosting the Gilliland family annual Easter gathering this year. “So, Gabe,” I asked, “are you going to hunt Easter eggs this year?”Being in the sixth grade, I thought maybe he was at the age where he might be thinking that Easter isn’t “cool” anymore. But the answer I got was nothing of the kind.I do not recall his exact words, but with almost no hesitation he...

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A little bit of nourishment

My earliest memory happened when I was about 2 years old. I was sitting in our hallway, leaning against the wall, and feeling quite frustrated that I couldn’t get these little eggs out of a toy carton.Of course, they weren’t supposed to come out; they would have been a choking hazard.But all I knew was that I was pretending to bake, and how was I supposed to do that without proper eggs?Perhaps that moment was a sneak preview into my later years. No...

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Growing up, but not too much

Somewhere along the line, we all grow up.It’s gradual, noticeable only by increments seen in hindsight.I think back to a dozen years ago, twice that, too, and am amazed that I have made it to where I am.I wonder about a good portion of my 20s and the sometimes utter stupidity that lingered there from my immature self.I wonder sometimes how I made it through my teen years, now that there are some teen years happening right in front of my face....

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Rambling on about some political stuff

I’m going to ramble now about politics, so feel free to come along if you want.Both the Richard Warner and Donnie Barrera camps were out in full force over the weekend, canvassing the neighborhoods for the two Republican candidates for sheriff.At our house in Hillsboro, we received visits and literature from both campaigns. The Warner campaign workers kindly picked up the County Shopper from the yard and brought it to the door. But the Barrera folks included an ink...

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It all started with a ‘57 Volkswagen

One of my co-workers and I were discussing a story the other day that she’ll write soon about a Greenfield man who owns a rare 1972 Mustang that he’s been invited to take to a prestigious car show. Gee, I thought, I’d like to have a classic to cruise around in from time to time, and before long I was thinking about all the cars I’ve owned over the years.

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The secret power of names

It’s a word we use so often, I doubt many of us give it much thought. When someone calls it out, we say, “Here!” We offer it with a handshake when we meet someone new. And, of course, we sign it over and over and over again.The simple truth is this: We cannot escape our names.In “Romeo and Juliet,” William Shakespeare penned the famous quote: “What’s in a name?”And, indeed, what is in a name?I have alw...

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How fine is the line between fact and fiction?

I don’t know much about what goes on within the walls of the White House and its various and storied rooms where people meet over this matter or that, and I don’t know much about what goes on between elected officials when they are not on camera.But I sure do speculate.While I always want to believe the best, the best rarely seems to be a thing that, politicians as a whole, have at the forefront of their various agendas.And corruption within the ra...

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No town is an island, or stands alone

No man is an island,Entire of itself,Every man is a piece of the continent,A part of the main.- John DonneThe opening sentiments of John Donne’s classic poem – which ends with the famous lines, “And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.” – apply not just to every individual, but to every village, town, city and community in genera...

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And sometimes, a pea will fly

Believe it or not, I have a few nephews on my wife’s side of the family who say they enjoy reading this column from time to time. I could be completely oblivious to the fact that they’re just being kind, but I’m fairly certain at least a couple of them are sincere.What they like, I think, is that I sometimes tell on myself, and they learn a little more about the ornery side of their uncle, who they already know is ornery enough.

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In memory of beginnings

Last week, I wrote a column where I described looking for rocks on the playground where I went to school. I started attending Fairfield Local in 1996, meaning that I started my education in what everyone calls the “old school.”While writing that column, I included a line stating the old building had been demolished. My first instinct was to change that word to “torn down,” which seemed a much nicer phrase. But, in the end, I decided demolished was the right ...

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Happy is as happy does

Recently, Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” has been everywhere, and chances are you’ve heard it plenty of times.I adore this song from the “Despicable Me 2” soundtrack, and incidentally, it makes me happy.I have also noticed when I hear it, but especially when I see the video, I am struck by what happy is.Happy can be tricky and seemingly elusive, but happy is within everyone’s reach.It’s that simple....

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Couples, party switching and some unity

Generational discountsDrew Hastings said last week that he enjoyed a recent social media comment posted by his wife, Taryn, who noted that between Drew’s senior discount, her student discount, and her daughter qualifying for the “kids 5 and under eat free” promotion at some restaurants, they do OK when they eat out.Shoulda just said Mr. and Mrs. DayI’ve known WSRW’s Herb Day for 30 years, and he h...

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‘It’s really nice here’

Not long ago, I was walking through Hillsboro on my way...

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