Fairfield FFA raises donated pigs


Over the month of September the Fairfield FFA Chapter received the opportunity to acquire hogs in its livestock facility.

One of the chapter’s executive committee members knew of an owner of a local hog farm who supports FFA. The owner was Jim Heimerl of Heimerl Farms. He donated five barrows, at a month old, to the Fairfield FFA chapter to raise and work with.

Some students stayed after school to help get the hogs settled into their new home. They adapted very quickly and have been around the chapter members since then. Every day there is a class that goes out and feeds them and has been calculating their rate of gain. Over the weekends students sign-up to feed them in the mornings and evenings.

Many of the students are incredibly excited to have a bigger learning experience and take on the opportunity to be more involved with FFA and the activities it offers.

The Fairfield FFA Chapter said it would like to thank Heimerl Farms for donating hogs and Paul Shaeffer for setting everything up and delivering the pigs to the chapter.

Moving forward the chapter hopes to have more livestock and raise more animals.

Submitted by Emily Taylor, Fairfield FFA.

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