Votes from other counties change Greenfield school board results

When votes were tabulated from neighboring counties, the results of the Greenfield school board race changed, according to Steve Witham, elections administrator with the Highland County Board of Elections.

Witham said Wednesday morning that the new vote totals show Jason Allison winning the second spot on the board rather than Greg Barr. Barr led Allison 935-903 among Highland County voters, but additional votes from Ross and Fayette counties put Allison on top with 1,240 votes, compared to 1,201 for Barr.

Sandy Free was the leading vote-getter in the race, netting 1,562 votes across the school district. Two seats were available for the school board.

Witham said vote totals changed in other school board races where districts also cross county lines, but the changes did not impact the outcomes.

The Times-Gazette