Three Arts Club holds March meeting

The Lynchburg Three Arts Club met at the country home of Colleen Mount for its March meeting. The vice president, Mount, called the meeting to order by having Nancy Lippert read the Club Collect. The members answered roll call by describing an embarrassing hair moment.

The secretary, Doris Randolph, read the minutes from the November, December and January meetings. The treasurer, Becky Davidson, gave her report.

A thank you note was received from Family Services for a $75 donation at Christmas from the club. Mount and Ellen Pennington took down the Christmas tree at the historical society. The club is going to The Spillway in April for its dinner meeting. The meeting adjourned to the Birthday Auction, which was won by Denise Kuntz.

The program for the evening, “Hairstyles of the Last 100 Years,” was presented by Davidson. The 1910s were big hats, curtain hair and the start of bobbed hair. The 1920s had kiss curls, big bows and Marcel waves. The 1940s were the Veronica Lake look, snoods, up do’s, Victory rolls, French twist and long hair. The ’50s were the Italian style. The ‘60’s shorter styles, the Pixie, French twist, the Bee Hive, Bouffants and inverted bobb. In addition, the unisex look came in. The 1970s had the shaggy look, pony tails, the Farrah Fawcett look and the layered cut. The 1980s had the Mullet, and the layered cut. The 90s were large hair, sexy, and the Rachel cut. The 2000s have had all kinds. Shaggy, teased, and all kinds of wild colors. Davidson also had photographs depicting all the styles. It was very interesting.

The hostess served dessert at a beautifully decorated table, which was enjoyed by Colleen Mount, Becky Davidson, Doris Randolph, Denise Kuntz, Nancy Lippert and Nancy Shaffer.

Submitted by clud reporter Nancy Shaffer.