Rick Sansone: ‘When will you make an end?’


Editor’s note: The following was emailed to The Times-Gazette on Wednesday night by Rick Sansone, husband of Debbie Sansone, administrative assistant to Hillsboro Mayor Drew Hastings. Mr. Sansone requested that the email be published.

Well, here we go again. Investigators from the state auditor and the sheriff’s office, under the guise of “just doing our job,” felt it necessary, in the never ending Mayor Hastings investigation, to enter our home and remove our home computer.

Just ask yourself how in this day and age someone can do without the personal information that is stored on their home computer. I, sadly, have a heart condition and an extremely rare neurological disease called Isaac’s Syndrome. All of my medical information was stored, naturally enough, on our home computer. All of our tax information was stored on our home computer.

Gee whiz, I sure hope the “investigators” enjoy the many recipes which are also stored on our home computer. We like to cook so they should be enjoying some really good food. I’d like to recommend the “Lasagna Bolognese” it’s really good.

But I digress. Let’s not forget the email addresses of our family, friends and acquaintances. Our family photos were also on our home computer. But everyone who is reading this fully understands the loss of information that I’m speaking thereof.

When will our home computer be returned? Who knows! But the investigators are just doing their job, and doing their job, and doing their job. And we probably shouldn’t forget Judge David Mckenna’s role in this investigation. The good Judge never met a search warrant he didn’t like or hesitate to sign irregardless of whatever farcical reasons law enforcement presented to him. You see, he’s just doing his job.

And maybe we should start asking some serious questions about the folks who signed their names to the charges against Mayor Hastings. Oh, I forgot, that’s a secret. So what were their motives? Maybe these good folks should be investigated. After-all the investigators can delve into their salacious motives and spend another four plus months in that investigation. Daggone, this must be costing the County a bundle!

Maybe we’ll need a search warrant for the state auditors and the sheriff’s home computer and find out what’s on those “Bad Boys.” Most certainly Judge McKenna’s pens never run dry so we’ll easily get the search warrant signed. Hey, he’s just doing his job.

In case you’re wondering, my wife Debbie is the Administrative Assistant to Mayor Drew Hastings and this angry missive is being penned by her husband Rick. Debbie was and continues to be proud of her position with Mayor Hastings and the job he has done for the City of Hillsboro. She hasn’t done a thing that deserves this kind of treatment and investigation into our private life.

But you know I should be thankful, they served the search warrant during the daytime hours. Credit Judge McKenna for that. And I was angry but “they were just doing their job.” When the members of the Sheriff’s Department entered our home not a one of them could look me straight in the eye. Yeah, they should be embarrassed.

You know, when thinking about this never ending investigation I bemusedly think about the line from the movie “The Agony and the Ecstasy” when Rex Harrison says to Charlton Heston, “When will you make an end?” To the state auditor investigators and Sheriff Barerra, “When will you make an end of it?” I’d kinda like my computer back, Boyo. We can’t remember the recipe for “Spaghetti Alfredo” and I’d like my medical information back in my hands… where it belongs.

Rick Sansone

Former Bailiff

Hillsboro Municipal Court

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