Starting senior living options discussion


You’ve noticed that your loved one’s living arrangements no longer support their health and well-being. But how do you bring up the sometimes difficult subject of senior living?

Involve family members and try and meet as a family before you speak to the individuals. Listen to each other’s questions and concerns without creating stress for your loved one. You can then agree as a group what is best for your loved ones and present them with a consistent message.

Frame the conversation around your concerns. Telling a loved one that you are concerned they are not taking their medicines is a better way to discuss with your loved ones rather than, “You’ve not been taking medicine are you?”

Let your parent be the parent. Involve your parent in the decision-making process and listen closely to their thoughts and feelings.

Keep an open dialog. Keep in mind you may not reach a consensus after the first discussion. Change and leaving a home full of memories is not easy. You may need to revisit the subject several times over a few weeks or months.

It is best for everyone involved if you establish an open, comfortable dialog where the family is involved and feels at ease in making decisions about senior living. You can contact your physician, church pastor or any social services off for help. You may benefit from contacting a local assisted living location. Bell Gardens Place will be glad to help you with answers to your questions. You can reach us at 937-393-8830.

Michael D. Bradford is the executive director of Bell Gardens Place in Hillsboro. He can be reached at [email protected].

Mike Bradford Bradford

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