As a Democrat in Highland County…


I’ve been involved with some sort of politics since I was old enough to remember. Volunteering, registering people or attending meetings, I’ve been there. But after this battle Hillsboro Mayor Drew Hastings has went through I’m almost ashamed to be from this city and county, let alone talk about politics.

Now, don’t get me wrong, our beautiful county has many shining and great avenues going for it. The boom in production business coming back into our area, Corvac opening the former RR Donnelly building in Greenfield; county schools excelling; can we take a minute from our rural communities and recognize the outstanding accomplishments of having three individuals from the county on the Ohio FFA officer team.

We have three fantastic county commissioner hopefuls, in my opinion, that actually are wanting to serve, grow and move forward our county, not continue in the stagnate state we have been in the last 10-15 years. They are individuals that will question processes and decisions being made and look at it with a fresh and new set of eyes, not with the “well it’s always been this way so I’ll go along with it” attitude. This attitude also goes for the political parties in this county, but that is for another day.

I associate myself with the, dare I say, “old school, good old boys” Democrat party – the party that believed in truth, common good, justice and equality are important. Truth that the government will disclose information and not lie. Common good that working together can better a community as a whole. Justice of equal and fair treatment to the law. Equality that everyone has the same rights, privileges and opportunity as others. Not this idea of what people believe the Democrat party is: giving away tax dollars to “lazy and unwilling to work” people, hiding political agendas for self progression (Hillary) and hiding information from people (Hillary, you bad girl). Don’t let one bad apple spoil the bunch.

As a Democrat, do I want to offer a system and support to those who need it? Yes. That young single mother who is working two minimum wage jobs just to make sure there is a roof over her children’s head and barely has enough remaining money to keep the electricity and water running, let alone clothing for these children and supplying food. Yes, I want to help them. Or the veteran that has served this country, comes home to civilian life, and after being in the military for years with structure and purpose has a hard time transitioning back, unable to find a job. Do I want to help them, yes, I do.

Do I believe there are flaws in the system? Yes. But tell me this – if we abolished and discontinued every project or failed idea, where would we be as a country, as individuals, as a human race? Would we progress? Not likely. We function from failed mistakes that we alter and perfect until we get a better outcome. Does this make me an optimist, a push over, or worse a good person? Oh my, what shall I do?

Now dispute me if you must, and that is your right and decision to do so, just as it is my right and opinion to have my own individual thought process. That’s what makes this nation diverse and what brought people here to begin with. A promise of a better quality of life, a future that you decide on, then work and strive for. A place where we can think for ourselves and go our own way, without being ridiculed.

Do I believe Mayor Hastings made questionable decisions? Maybe. But did I make a questionable decision in eating two pieces of dessert last night? Most definitely. Has our city and county grown and prospered, have we become united as a community? These should be the questions asked. Not how many pairs of shoes are at the residence listed where he supposedly was living. Read that again. How ludicrous does that sound?

Can we leave the judgment and negative views and comments at home? Just imagine if we did, when we work together as a community, help one another and move forward. Not be divided by political lines and ulterior motives.

Well, as most will assume and may even say, a person can hope, but a Democrat can dream.

Samantha Black


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