Knapp FFL Bainbridge Senior Citizen of Year


Esther Driapsa Knapp, a longtime resident of the Bainbridge area, has been choosen as the 2016 Bainbridge Senior Citizen of the Year for the Fall Festival of Leaves.

Knapp, a daughter of immigrant parents from Czechoslovakia, graduated from Bainbridge High School as the valedictorian of her class in 1947. She lives in the log house built in 1866 where she was born and on the farm her parents bought in 1913. It is registered as a Century Farm, having been in Knapp’s family for over 100 years. This is where she enjoys gardening and raising food and flowers.

Knapp worked in Columbus after graduation and later as a real estate sales lady for Bob McNeil in Greenfield. She devoted her married life to raising her two children, Iva Knapp, a doctor in North Carolina, and John Knapp, a medical transcriptionist in Columbus.

She is a longtime member of the SALT (Seniors & Law Enforcement Together) group in Chillicothe and the Bainbridge Historical Society, where she serves as secretary.

In 1986, Knapp traveled to Czechoslovakia to visit her relatives.

This has been a busy year for collecting donations with fellow member Joyce Knisley for painting and repair work at the Bainbridge Dental Museum and Presbyterian church, which is also now a museum.

Knapp wishes to thank eveyone who donated. She looks forward to participating in the 49th annual Fall Festival of Leaves Parade on Sunday, Oct. 16.

Submitted by Fall Festival of Leaves Committee.

Esther Knapp Knapp

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