Chili and pulled pork for the weekend


I don’t know about you folks, but come Friday I’m thinking, “What am I going to fix for the weekend?”

Now, that is the I asked myself just recently, and I thought a pot of chili would be a great idea. I decided to fix that on Saturday and have peanut butter sandwiches.

So off I went to the grocery store to pick up what I needed for the chili, and I hoped to grab something that looked interesting to fix for Sunday.

Well, as I was going up and down the aisle at the supermarket looking at everything on the shelves, I started toward the meat department. I saw several ladies chatting and picking up packages of meat from the meat case saying, “This is a great buy.” Of course, I had to go see what the ladies were talking about. It was pork butt, and they were on sale — two for the price of one.

“That’s perfect,” I thought. “I will have pulled pork. Yeah!”

I grabbed up two — one to cook now and one to save for later.

As I finished my shopping I decided I would fix slaw to go with the pulled pork.

I got home and made the chili for Saturday. I was on a roll. The next evening I put the pork in the crock pot and covered it with two and a half cups of beef broth, put pepper on the top, and put the lid on while turning it on high where it cooked all night. The next morning I woke to the best smell. I went to the kitchen and sampled the pork. It was delicious and melted in my mouth. I also had leftovers. You can add BBQ sauce or slaw, or both BBQ sauce and slaw, or just eat it plain. But I like mustard on it, too. The more you heat it up, the better it is. Yum, yum.

It’s so easy to fix — one pork butt, add two and a half cups of beef broth, sprinkle pepper on top, cover, turn on high, let it cook all night and it’s done. Eat and enjoy!

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I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Sharon Hughes is the advertising manager at The Times-Gazette. She is also a mother, grandmother and chef.

This is a photo of Sharon’s pork butt in the cooker. is a photo of Sharon’s pork butt in the cooker. Sharon Hughes | The Times-Gazette

By Sharon Hughes

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