CHEEZIES at St. Mary’s Episcopal

The CHEEZIES, part of the Miami University Men’s Glee Club, will present a Christmas concert on Dec. 15 at 3 p.m. at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church. This concert is part of the Music At St. Mary’s Concert Series and is presented at no charge, although opportunities to donate will be available.

Conceived at the Oxford Train Depot in 1907, the Miami University Men’s Glee Club has since become one of the most respected collegiate choruses in the world. In 1906, Dr. Raymond Burke began his career as a geology professor at Miami University. Previously a part of the Oberlin Glee Club, Burke wanted to see a similar group at Miami. Fortunately for Burke, then university President Dr. Guy Potter Benton had a similar vision for a Miami Glee Club. In January 1907, Burke was offered a new position. Benton mentioned the formation of the Glee Club, which Burke willingly obliged to heading. The future of the Miami Men’s Glee Club had begun.

The first Glee Club only had eight members; two for each vocal part. However, it rivaled in popularity with the accomplished Miami football team. Burke began his search for more singers in fraternities because that was where many of the “better singers” were.

In 1998, THE CHEEZIES, were formed by five then-members of the Glee Club. They sing a cappella music and have developed a distinctive and mature sound. Hillsboro resident Christopher Ford is a member of the group.

The public is cordially invited to the concert and a reception which will follow.

Submitted by John Glaze.

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