Float will honor Garden Club’s 90 years

The Hillsboro Garden Club is celebrating its 90th year and publicity director Nancy Sonner said that in November it had a special meeting at the Highland House Museum to enjoy both their Christmas tree and the other organizations’ trees. All the members enjoyed refreshments and the beautiful decorations throughout the museum.

On Dec. 10 the club had its Christmas party at Ponderosa, where prizes were awarded for gift wrapping. The most creative award went to Teresa Cudkowiez. Judith Stinvender won for the prettiest gift wrapping. Carol Gorby won for the most original and the most unusual award went to Andrea Schneider.

The club will be celebrating 90 years with a special float in the Hillsboro Christmas Parade on Saturday that they’re calling “Grandma had Some Problems with the Deer at Christmas.”

Sonner said, “We’re all serious gardeners, but we do like to have fun with things.”

She added that the first meeting of the Hillsboro Garden Club next year is scheduled for March 26.

Submitted by Nancy Sonner.

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