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The progress of Building Expansion Project 2020 is full steam ahead and three new areas are opening on Monday, March 23, Highland District Hospital announced in news release.

“On this date, patients and visitors may start using the new patient entrance off of the newly expanded parking lot on the west side of the building, just off of Fenner Road,” the news release said. “This new entrance was constructed to allow drive-up, drop-off for patients, a more open and inviting entryway with access to several departments, and additional registration access points just inside the entrance.”

Furthermore, the hospital said, the Cancer Care & Hematology Department, which has been moved from the third floor to the second floor, will be opening the doors to its new unit.

“This area was designed with comfort in mind. It is now westward facing with windows that stretch the entire length of the unit. This is a welcoming atmosphere for patients who spend several hours a day with us,” HDH Vice President of Operations Tim Parry said.

The third area to be completed recently includes the complete relocation of The Center for Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine from its current location on Northview Drive to the hospital campus.

Spanning nearly the entire first floor of the new addition, the hospital said the complex features new equipment, expanded treatment space, individual patient treatment bays, and an industry-leading, and 80-foot track system used to support patients while working on strength, balance and ambulation.

“This system provides a safe ambulation environment for both patients and therapists. The patient can focus more fully on their task without fear of falling, and the therapist can focus on assisting the patient rather than supporting the patient,” said Blain Williams, doctor of physical therapy and The Center for Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine manager. “This is a valuable tool in returning our patients to their optimal level of care.”

The remainder of the project will continue throughout 2020, focusing on relocating the current inpatient, medical/surgical unit from the second floor to the third floor, and completing the second floor orthopedic clinic space.

The hospital announced the expansion project in March 2016 and ground was broken in July of that year.

The first phase of the project involved expanding the parking lot and building and finishing the exterior of a 4,400-square-foot addition. The next phase involved completely remodeling the interior of the emergency department space and joining that to the new addition.

At the time, the hospital said the emergency department typically sees about 19,000 patients a year. The expansion of the emergency increased the number of beds in the emergency department from 11 to 14, and required additional staffing.

Improvements to the emergency department included:

• Private patient rooms and a larger waiting area to provide a greater level of comfort to patients and their families.

• Designated behavioral health rooms to better treat mental health and substance abuse.

• Centralized nurses’ stations with access to treatment rooms for a more comfortable and efficient environment.

• New drive-up ambulance bay to improve emergency transport of patients and ensure quicker delivery of care.

• Increased floor space allowing for more efficient care delivery and easier accessibility for all patients.

• Specialized decontamination rooms for patients with contagious diseases or exposure to hazardous materials.

• Designated trauma room with adequate space to care for the most critically ill or injured patients.

This artist’s rendering shows the interior of part of the three new areas at Highland District Hospital in Hillsboro that are expected to open Monday, March 23.
https://www.timesgazette.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/33/2020/03/web1_HDH-pic.jpgThis artist’s rendering shows the interior of part of the three new areas at Highland District Hospital in Hillsboro that are expected to open Monday, March 23. Submitted drawing
Three new areas set to open March 23

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