State patrol addresses coronavirus


The Ohio State Patrol has provided The Times-Gazette with the following information in a question and answer format about how it is currently handling the coronavirus situation.

How are we staying safe? – new precautions – wearing gloves?

“We are currently following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines for law enforcement as well as the Ohio Department of Health. This includes ensuring we keep proper distance and maintain proper hygiene.

New/different ways to transport prisoners?

As always, we are keeping our patrol cars clean and ensuring they are disinfected after each transport.

How are we communicating with each other/ anything new with Post Operations?

As we have always done, the patrol continues to remain visible on Ohio’s roadways to assist the motoring public and will continue to enforce violations and intercept crimes that post a threat to public safety

How does cleaning at the Post and the patrol car change?

Visitors will be asked to remain in the vestibule when visiting a patrol post. Troopers will remain on the roadways to ensure the public is safe and limit time on post to reduce the risk of spread amongst each other. As always, we will continue to disinfect and maintain clean working environments both at the post and in patrol cars.

Is it stressful/extra work time for us right now?

There is always an element of stress as it pertains to a career in law enforcement, however, troopers will continue to provide the same level of service to the motoring public with professionalism and dedication.

How has DeWine closing the BMV changed how troopers do their jobs if they have expired license or tags?

If a license plate or driver’s license expired after close of business yesterday (3/18) we will not be citing them for this violation. They do have the option to renew online in most cases, however, if this is not possible, motorists are encouraged to go to the BMV as soon as they open back up.

How has all of this changed how troopers pull someone over all together? Are they being more lenient on who they stop?

We will continue to stop violators, educate the motoring public, and respond to calls for service as we always have. Although the focus and mission has not changed, we will take the necessary precautions to limit our exposure. Some troopers have asked an individual to read their drivers license information to them and will write it down on a note book. Other troopers have the individual hold their license up and will record the information that way. These are a few ways that we protect ourselves, others, and maintain the work that we do.

Are you working at full staff?


Submitted by Trooper Sheldon A. Goodrum, MPA, Ohio State Highway Patrol.

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