One more recovers from virus

Highland County stood pat Tuesday from the day before with seven confirmed cases of COVID-19, and Highland County Emergency Operations Center Public Information Officer Branden Jackman said one more person with the virus had been moved to recovered status.

“So we have seven confirmed, four recovered, three active, with one of the three currently hospitalized, and zero deaths,” Jackman said in a news release.

While Highland County’s numbers continue to hold mostly firm, Jackman said the state’s COVID-19 case numbers continue to increase. He said the state currently has 2,156 hospitalizations with 654 of those having required intensive care. He also said Ohio had an increase of 50 deaths from Monday to finish the day with a total of 324.

The public information officer said Highland County has been deciphering new guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention so that emergency personnel can accurately and effectively report the probable cases that are present in the county.

“We totally attribute the low numbers in Highland County to the fact that the physical distancing measures are working and everyone is doing their part to flatten the curve,” Jackman said. “Please continue to physically distance, wash your hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds, cover your cough, don’t touch your face, and stay home unless it’s essential.”

He said the state’s Commission on Dispute Resolution has been busy in the last week, adding that in the week that ended April 14 the board handled 192 complaints from Ohio residents. Of those, 142 were addressed locally by the various health departments. He said there are 27 complaints currently under investigation and 10 have been forwarded to the commission for a decision.

“Please remember if you think you have symptoms of COVID -19, please call ahead to your health care professional so we don’t needlessly subject our health care workers to a possible infection,” Jackman said. “Physical distancing and the stay at home order matter. If it’s not essential, it’s just not worth it. We’re all in this together. Be nice.”
Highland County COVID-19 numbers standing firm

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