MHS moving forward with graduation

Editor’s Note — This story has been updated to clarify completion dates for students’ work.

During the Greenfield Exempted Village School District’s first Facebook Live update Friday, GEVSD Superintendent Quincey Gray discussed graduation and other end-of-the-year preparations.

“It’s been a very frustrating and sad situation, number one, for our seniors, number two, for their families, and number three, for us as a district,” Gray said. “Graduation is something we actively prepare for with excitement, so for us as a district, it’s also been a trying situation.”

Gray indicated that McClain seniors will still be able to enjoy traditions such as walking down the school’s marble staircase in a cap and gown, though the ceremony will look different.

“There was a lot of confusion this week as to what was allowed to be done for graduation,” Gray said. “I feel like in the end — not to give away too many details because I know the team is still rolling things out to our seniors — in the end, I think we’ve come up with a plan that will still allow for our students to participate in some of those honored traditions.”

Students will be able to have a limited number of family members with them during what Gray said would be for “individual seniors, one at a time.” The ceremony will move each senior and their family members throughout the building.

Family members will have an opportunity to take pictures, though a professional photographer and videographer will be present during the ceremony.

Gray said that the district is unable to postpone the graduation ceremony for a few reasons.

“At this point, we don’t know what June will look like,” Gray said. “A lot of our students may be joining the military, moving, or moving on to the workforce and need to graduate. There are a lot of circumstances involved in making those decisions.”

When community members commented to suggest that the district hold graduation on the football field, Gray said that even though the football field is outside, government officials would still consider a ceremony held there to be a mass-gathering.

“We have to follow the rules. We aren’t allowed to have a mass-gathering of any kind,” Gray said. “Although we might want to do something different, it’s just not something we’re able to do.”

Gray invited viewers to watch the graduation ceremony, which will be aired on the district’s website on May 22 at 7 p.m.

The guidelines for schools can be found on the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Department of Education websites.

Other matters that Gray addressed:

*Preschool through eighth-grade students’ work should be completed by May 18.

*Freshmen, sophomores and juniors will have until May 22 to complete their work; seniors have until May 15.

*After May 18, the district will collect work, follow up with students and families who didn’t submit work, collect district-owned items like Chromebooks, and distribute personal items.

*Teachers will still communicate with students and provide feedback.

* Parents and guardians will be contacted with further information for when to pick up their children’s personal belongings and drop off final work packets and school-owned items like textbooks. Gray said this is expected to take place from May 19-22.

* The campus is closed to students through June 30. Gray said neither the Ohio Department of Health nor the Ohio Department of Education have specified whether or not students may be present on-campus to pick-up personal items. She stated she will let parents and guardians know once she has more information.

* Parents and guardians should drop their children’s homework off at the bus garage based on an alphabetized schedule beginning Monday, May 4, though the schedule is flexible.

* High school families with orders from Jostens should disregard the alphabetical schedule and bring their children’s homework when they pick up their Jostens order. A Jostens representative will be at the bus garage on May 5 and May 6 from 3-5 p.m.

* Preschool and kindergarten registration will begin on May 11 at 9 a.m. Electronic registration forms are available on the “Greenfield Exempted Village School District” Facebook page. Other documents will be collected and copied at a later time. The deadline is 5 p.m. on May 15.

* GEVSD will continue to distribute food every Tuesday and Friday through May 29. Gray added that Highland County Community Action Organization, Inc.’s Summer Food Program will continue this summer at the district’s main campus, though the program may look different.

* Up-and-coming freshmen should watch the “McClain High School” Facebook page, where they can find instructions for how to register for classes for next school year as well as other information.

* Gray said district officials have discussed holding ceremonies at the beginning of the 2020-21 school year, but no decisions had been made as of press time.

* The district will live-stream its next school board meeting on May 5 at 7 p.m. The link will be available on the district website.

For questions or further information, visit the Greenfield Exempted Village School District’s Facebook page or, or call 937-981-2152 and leave a message.

The full video can be viewed on the district’s Facebook page.

Reach McKenzie Caldwell at 937-402-2570.

Greenfield Exempted Schools Superintendent Quincey Gray addresses community members during the district’s first Facebook Live update. Exempted Schools Superintendent Quincey Gray addresses community members during the district’s first Facebook Live update. Screenshot by McKenzie Caldwell
Greenfield schools hold first Facebook Live update

By McKenzie Caldwell