Tired of hearing about COVID-19

To whom it may concern:

I have had enough of hearing about COVID-19 restrictions. It may seem necessary to keep everything shut down longer to further quell this disease; however, it is a futile effort.

I am a factory worker who has been off work for well over a month and am the only able-bodied person in my household to work. I am certain that there are others who feel tired of receiving unemployment and desire to return to work. Many have to feed their families and others are just incredibly used to working every day for it is a part of their nature. The only thing being done is the destabilization of the United States economy. The only thing that brought us out of the Great Depression was World War II. I am not suggesting that we declare war upon any nation for any reason, far from it, but I am merely conveying that if everything continues as it is, an even worse depression will hit us like never before.

It is also a tactic of a few governors who want to control their constituents, as well as a few mayors, instead of serving the ones who voted them into office. They accuse the president, Donald J. Trump, of being a dictator when it is they themselves that are acting totalitarian. As the saying goes, “When you point one finger, there are three more pointing back at you.” In these United States, the government is ruled by the people, not the officials in office. They claim to be doing this for the good of the people. They lie.

I address the coronavirus deaths. No one dies from the disease, but from already health conditions in existence aggravated from COVID-19. It is the same thing if a person with a weak heart or respiratory system contracts pneumonia and dies. Many hospitals try and pass off deaths as coronavirus related even when coronavirus is not present. Such a case was found in my home county. I assure you that legal process is being undertaken. The hospitals are just trying to receive the money for each death listed as COVID-19.

Finally, I address the charlatans in Congress who advised their constituents to only get the essentials early on in the stay-at-home orders, and in some cases quarantine orders, and end up having a freezer full of fancy, expensive, name-brand ice cream. You know who you are Madam Speaker Pelosi. Also, I would like to say that you should stop adding stuff to this new stimulus bill that has nothing to do with COVID-19. If you continue, I can assure you, Madam Speaker, that I will ensure that you will not be in charge of the House again, and that goes for any other members of the House of Representatives who go along with you. You will be voted out. Your reign of tyranny must be stopped by the processes set by the founders of this country: elections.

I now address the government — reopen this country, now. You fail to realize that even with the alleged COVID-19 deaths, they still are outnumbered by deaths by murders, automobile accidents, influenza and pneumonia, each on their own. All of this hysteria has gone on long enough. This crisis has been overexaggerated for several months and has got to end. This is ridiculous. What sets it apart from influenza? Not a blasted thing. Only that it was created by scientists over in the Wuhan District in China is the only distinction. In years to come, COVID-19 will join influenza, pneumonia, and many other diseases that will have found our bodies to resist them.

In closing, I make my final remarks as a blue collar employe. It is time to end this isolation and return to normal working hours before this whole matter began. There is no other reason to prolong this reopening of all businesses, big or small. If the elected officials do prolong it; however, they can expect to be voted out of office and replaced by different people. And I can assure you, Congresspeople, many of our votes will not be mailed in absentee ballots.

Thank you most sincerely,

Tyler D. Eubanks