Have you renewed your license yet?

With all COVID-19 extensions ending, the deadline for Ohioans to renew their driver’s licenses, IDs, or vehicle registrations ended July 1, according to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (OBMV).

Ohio drivers with a license expiration date on or after March 9, 2020 had been exempted during the COVID-19 emergency under a law signed by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine.

Before heading into the BMV, remember to take advantage of the Ohio BMV’s virtual queuing system – “Get in Line, Online” — and also check out the number of services available from the comfort of home through BMV Online Services, explained the Ohio BMV.

At www.bmvonline.dps.ohio.gov/, various online services are available including renewing license and/or ID card, renewing plates, tags and/or stickers, and reinstatement.

Organ donor preferences can also be changed, plates can be replaced or exchanged, a driving test can be scheduled, and temporary tags can be purchased and printed on demand.

Fees for licenses, CDLs and State ID cards are as follows:

— Renewal of drivers license is $27.25, duplicate or replacement of driver’s license is $26;

— Moped TIPIC is $22.50, Moped license is $21;

— Temporary Permit packet is $23.50 (charge varies if packet is and has been expired for a certain amount of time, based on age).

— CDL Temporary permit is $28.50, first CDL License is $43.50, renewal of CDL is $46.25, duplicate or replacement CDL is $28.50

— New or renewal of state ID card is $10, duplicate or replacement of state ID card is $9

Miscellaneous Driver License/ID card fees include: $5 for a deputy registrar transaction fee, $1.50 for a document authentication fee, and $2.75 for a vision screening fee.

Annual vehicle registration fees includes the following (note the following fees do not include permissive local taxes): Passenger vehicle is $31, special plates fee is based on current rates, house vehicle/moped is $21, motorcycle is $25, motor home is $46, church bus is $21, disability bus is $23. Fees for fuel types include an additional $100 for hybrid vehicles and an additional $200 for electric vehicles.

Other registration fees (note the following fees do not include permissive local taxes) include: plate/registration transfer for $6, duplicate/replacement sticker for $6, replace/exchange one plate for $12 and two plates for $13.25, replacement registration for $6, and temporary tag for $20. Mailing fees for plates vary based off current rates.

Also available through online services: an unofficial, two-year driving record can be looked at. The record can be looked at with the following information: License/State ID Number, date of birth, first letter of last name, and last four digits of Social Security number. An official, certified, three-year driving record can be requested for a $5 fee.

The Ohio Department of Public Safety “Digest of Ohio Motor Vehicle Laws,” often studied for driver’s permit tests, can be viewed online at www.publicsafety.ohio.gov/static/hsy7607.pdf.

Information in this article came from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. For more information, go to www.BMV.ohio.gov.

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Covid extensions ended July 1

By Jennifer Woods