Stolen horse and buggy, rattlesnake and RFL dam

Editor’s note — We’re continuing our tradition of taking a look back each Saturday at some of the important, interesting or even odd events as they were reported during the same week throughout the years, along with interesting advertising features from years gone by.

This week in 1924, The News-Herald reported that the contracts for the construction of the paving of North and South High streets had been met. In a following edition of the paper, it was reported that Trinidad Sheet Asphalt was selected by the council as the type of paving to be used.

Kermit Dunn, 14, of Pike County, stole a horse and buggy Saturday night at Shaking Spring that belonged to James Blackburn. Dunn was captured Sunday morning and the horse and buggy were returned. He was brought to jail in Hillsboro and it was learned he was on parole from the Boys Industrial School in Lancaster. Following the officers of the institution learning of this, they came and took Dunn back to the school.

The paper reported that Hillsboro High School hired four new teachers, H.T. Donham, Catherine Cassidy, Marjorie Ferre and Hasel Virginia Putnam. The first three were graduates of Ohio State University and the latter graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University.

Marshall Leslie and his wife returned home from Pennsylvania with a story where Leslie killed a large rattlesnake with a rock. The rattlesnake, which measured 3.6 feet long, was located on a hill in Titusville, Pennsylvania, where they were visiting.

A former resident of Hillsboro, George Carey Vance, was reported in a New York City paper to have wed with Bernarding van der Reggan. The marriage came only eight days after their meeting.

This week in 1951, The Press-Gazette reported that the process of pouring concrete for the Rocky Fork Dam was started. It was led by the Fischer Construction Co. from Cincinnati and reported by company officials that if the weather was “favorable,” the dam would be completed in 90 days.

It was reported that earthworm populations were not “affected greatly” by insecticide, specifically, lead arsenate or DDT for white grub control.

Starting on July 1, some Highland County school teachers would receive a pay raise of up to $400 a year. This pay increase was provided by Amended House Bill 48 which gave schools $208.5 million for the next two fiscal years.

A.W. Short, a former Hillsboro resident and longtime conservation education specialist with the Ohio Wildlife Division was, reported to have been appointed to supervise a wildlife education program within the Vocational Agriculture Division.

It was reported that baseball fans in the Rotary Club were watching three Brooklyn Dodger players with interest, Gil Hodges, Clyde King and Bobby Bragan, because they visited the club three years prior.

This week in 1983, The Hillsboro Press-Gazette reported that Fairborn went undefeated in the Hillsboro American Legion Round Robin Baseball Tournament and won it. The team went 4-0, defeating Chillicothe, Newark, Miamisburg and Hillsboro.

It was reported that the Hillsboro Municipal Court collected $16,175 in fines and costs in June and that almost $12,000 of that was just traffic cases. This article stated in June that there were 165 traffic cases in the month and 93 criminal cases.

This week in 2002, The Times-Gazette reported that Wanda Emery, head cook at Whiteoak High School for 23 years, retired. Prior to joining the food industry, the paper reported she had an egg route out of East Gate where she had more than 100 customers.

Coss Road in Jackson Township was given the approval to be improved. Highland County Engineer Dean Otworth said the project slated for April 2003 also had a bridge replacement and road relocation. He said the truss bridge would be replaced with a pre-stressed concrete beam bridge.

The edition did a person on the street section where it asked people what they wanted from the Highland County Family YMCA. Brigette Burnett said she expected it to be a good addition to the community while Mike Steely said he expected a bigger facility with better community access.

Country musicians Brad Martin and Chris Cagle visited Hillsboro for the Festival of Bells where crowds gathered for not only music, but other festivities. Dick Donley, the co-chair for the Festival of Bells Committee, said 15,000 to 20,000 people took part in the festival.

Hillsboro started a new sidewalk project for a 3.65-mile section of U.S. Route 62 (High Street). The section was resurfaced from a part of Dunlap Road at the city’s southern corporation limit to Evans Road, north of the city.

The Hillsboro High School boys’ basketball team hosted the Highland County Shootout where the teams from all five school districts participated. McClain High School won the tournament with a 4-0 record. Hillsboro, Lynchburg-Clay and Whiteoak had 2-2 records, while Fairfield went 0-4.

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