Finding your joy on a Thursday

It may be the fifth day on the calendar, but it’ll always be No. 1 in my heart.

It seems strange to declare your love for a day of the week, but I’ve always liked Thursdays.

Plenty of people are working for the weekend. Friday nights are beloved by many. Still, the day named after Thord, the hammer-holding Norse god of thunder, has always brought strong days into my life.

When I was a kid, Thursday was production day for the little 100-copy newspaper I used to write, edit, design and deliver to neighbors in my hometown.

In high school, Thursdays were always the best practices in high school sports. We went without shoulder pads in football and focused on the game plan.

It was always my favorite night in college, too. Thursday was usually the night I designed pages for our college newspaper. On the ones I didn’t, it was a great night to get a head start on the weekend, since I had few classes on Fridays.

When I first started working as a journalist in sports, I had a lot of Thursday nights off, watching people perform karaoke at local spots. People always seemed so relaxed.

As is true with so many other things in life, what I like isn’t about me so much these days.

It’s my favorite day of the week in news. Any time it looks like there isn’t much going on, I’ll grin and say, “Thursdays always take care of themselves.” I’m always right. There’s usually so much news going on any Thursday, the challenge is deciding what not to cover.

It’s also my favorite day at home. Usually my daughters’ athletic events fall on Thursday nights, and it’s a lot of fun to become their biggest fan. It’s a joy to celebrate their accomplishments.

More recently, Thursday became my second day off whenever I work a weekend. These have become my favorites.

These midweek days off have given me a chance to spend more time visiting my parents. I’ve gone on a handful of one-day trips with my children, wandering through nature trails and enjoying their time. Sometimes my wife and I will wander off for a day of adventures together.

This week, my wife, children and I all visited the Ohio Caverns, their first trips there and my first since I was an elementary school student. (In case you haven’t been there since a field trip, I assure you it’s still beautiful, but the pathways are much smaller than you remember.)

These days have been so much more rewarding than those selfishly spent ones of my youth. The difference is enjoying it with people I love and cherish.

Sure, Thursdays work for me. Maybe Fridays are better for you, or Saturdays, or maybe Sundays. Whatever that day is for you, enjoy it and share it with people you love.

David Trinko is managing editor of The Lima News, division of AIM Media Midwst. Reach him at 567-242-0467, by email at or on Twitter @Lima_Trinko.

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