Shooting champ, injured barber, large RFL crowds

Editor’s note — We’re continuing our tradition of taking a look back each Saturday at some of the important, interesting or even odd events as they were reported during the same week throughout the years, along with interesting advertising features from years gone by.

This week in 1940, The Press-Gazette reported that the Leesburg Citizen and New Vienna Reporter were purchased by Nelson Muntz and Dawson Barrere from Mack Sauer. Muntz took charge as the editor and business manager and Barrere become the head of the mechanical department.

CCC Camp Highland in Hillsboro presented a documentary from the U.S. Department of Agriculture called “The River.” The documentary was played at evening meetings of the camp on Aug. 12 and Aug. 14.

Joe Heistand, a Hillsboro man, took home another trap shooting trophy after getting his 18th 500-target Marshall marathon by clipping 498 clays. It was his third victory in the event which gave him the Marshall Cup. He also won in 1937 and 1939.

The Highland County Conservation office conducted a campaign to sign-up community wheat growers on the AAA wheat allotment for 1941. It was to make sure people stayed within their wheat acreage allotment.

Ollie Smith, a Cincinnati Reds fan and Winchester barber, injured his knees and elbows and blamed the Reds’ bad performances. He entered a grocery store while talking about baseball and didn’t notice the basement door was open where a seven-foot fall welcomed him.

The paper reported on new books that were added to the public library. Some of the books included “How to Read a Book,” “The Story of Flying,” “Why Europe Fights,” Who’s Who in the Major Leagues” and “The Labor Movement in America.”

This week in 1960, The Press-Gazette reported that there was a record number of visitors at Rocky Fork Camp. A total of 10,004 people visited the camping facilities in July of 1960, which according to the paper was 3,000 more visitors than July of 1959.

Six and one-fifth inches of rain came down on Pike Lake State Park in a three-hour period which forced campers to flee the scene. Trees were even uprooted by minor flooding. Ohio’s Natural Resources Division said the park would be closed for a week.

Columbus and Southern Ohio Electric Company gifted eight outdoor transformers to be used in lighting the community outdoor recreational center in Hillsboro. The gift translated to a monetary value of $3,200 and served as a donation to civic betterment in the city.

Herschel Murphy, the distributor of Sinclair Products, purchased one and one-quarter acres of land on the east side of U.S. Route 62 as a site for a service station and bulk plant.

A Tobacco Tour was advertised at the Southwestern Ohio Experimental Farm north of Ripley on U.S. 62. Tobacco growers or other people interested were invited to attend where variety plots, pond water treatment irrigation of tobacco and corn and more were discussed.

Three members of the Lynchburg Young Farmers Association and their advisor were at the State Young Farmer Tour in Lima. The tour consisted of Ford’s Lima engine plant where the members observed the assembling of eight-cylinder and economy car engines.

This week in 1990, the Hillsboro Press-Gazette reported that Hillsboro City Council passed an amendment barring people from holding professional yard sales. However, it still allowed people that might hold one once or twice a year to do so.

Cool temperatures were reported in August, according to a Highland County weather observer, who said the highs for the month so far ranged from 55 to 83 degrees, with overnight lows from 51 to 69 degrees.

The U.S. Veteran’s Affairs department spent $3.3 million in Highland County during the 1989 fiscal year. The paper said $3,040,630 of that was for compensation and pension payments, $225,856 for insurance and indemnities, and $77,785 for readjustment and vocational rehabilitation.

Rocky Coss reported that local stores were being investigated for selling X-rated video tapes. Coss said this investigation could take as long as a month and that most of the tapes had explicit sexual activity while others were rated X due to violence.

The paper reported that Hillsboro City Schools would open on Aug. 22 with a teachers’ meeting at 8:30 a.m. in the school auditorium. Coffee and donuts were available, and following the meeting, teachers would prepare for the first day of school.

This week in 2012, The Times-Gazette reported that the Hope Christian Alliance was managing a garden project over 21 acres that was meant to increase the food supply of area pantries the help hunger needs.

David Daniels, then Ohio Secretary of Agriculture, said an ongoing drought across the state threatened the corn crop and the economy, as farmers were worried about the cost and accessibility for livestock during the winter.

The United States was reported to have won the most medals overall in the 2012 London Olympics, with 104 total and 46 gold medals. China finished second with 87 medals and 38 gold medals and Russia tallied the third most with 82 overall medals and 24 gold.

The Hillsboro Police Department unveiled a new look for its police cruisers, leasing two 2012 Dodge Chargers that replaced a 2000 and 2003 Ford Crown Victoria in its then-11-car fleet. The new vehicles also had a new color and marking scheme.

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