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The generous spirit of Hillsboro resident Kit Loch has started a movement which has turned in to something she never imagined.

In 2021, Loch posted on her Facebook page that she would like to donate her wedding dress, veil and wedding decorations to a needy couple. Wedding venue owner Denise Mootz saw her post. The two had never met, even though they grew up in the same small town a few years apart. Denise offered her venue, The Lake View Loft LLC, the two ladies met and what ensued resulted in the creation of a free wedding last year.

Loch’s gesture, which started as a social media post, and teaming up with Mootz, has led to wedding service donations for the second annual Pay It Forward Wedding again this year.

“Due to the immensity of the donations and response from couples, an application and Facebook (page) was created last year,” Mootz said in a news release. “The Facebook page is called The Pay it Forward Wedding. The application for deserving couples can be found at under The Pay it Forward Wedding tab. In 2021, the process received over 125 applicant requests and from as far away as the Philippines and Canada. Family members and friends can apply for someone they wish to nominate, or a future bride or groom can complete the application for themselves.”

Last year’s chosen Pay It Forward Wedding couple was Eric and Holly Burgstrom from Cincinnati. They wed at The Lake View Loft on Sept. 5, 2021. They were chosen for the free wedding because of Holly’s resilience in her battle with brain cancer. The wedding was attended by more than 150 guests including wedding donors, according to Mootz.

The 2022 Pay It Forward Wedding will be awarded to a couple this spring for a fall wedding this year. Anyone willing to donate monetarily or through services can send an email to

Mootz said the free wedding includes everything except the wedding rings and honeymoon.

Holly and Eric Burgstrom are pictured at their 2021 free wedding at The Lake View Loft LLC. and Eric Burgstrom are pictured at their 2021 free wedding at The Lake View Loft LLC. Submitted photo
Generous spirit of Hillsboro’s Loch started the movement

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