Roberts Lane project funding moving forward


Hillsboro City Council passed two resolutions related to the city’s proposed Roberts Lane expansion project during at an April 13 meeting.

The resolutions will allow the city to enter into a water supply revolving loan fund account (WSRLA) agreement and a water pollution loan fund (WPLF) agreement as part of the project. Jason Brown was the only council member to vote against the resolutions.

The city has already secured more than half of the funding for the estimated $10.4 million project.

“We walked the whole property and checked it all out, and you can really see the potential that is going to be out there,” said Hillsboro Mayor Justin Harsha. “I also wanted to let you know that the county has officially committed their $750,000 for the Roberts Lane project, so that was really good news, and we really appreciate that.”

An ordinance repealing and replacing two sections of ordinances pertaining to the city’s lodging excise tax and registration was pulled from the meeting’s agenda before its second reading because the issue is still in committee awaiting feedback.

Two ordinances to amend sections of ordinances related to the city’s records commission and records request policy had a second reading and were moved to a third reading at the next city council meeting.

A resolution to allow the city to solicit bids for the resurfacing of the city’s tennis courts to create a pickleball court at the former Railroad Street Park was amended to include allowing bids for resurfacing the nearby basketball courts also. The modified resolution was unanimously approved and adopted as an emergency on its first reading.

A resolution to allow the city to enter into a grant agreement with the Ohio Department of Public Safety’s Ohio Traffic Safety Office that would provide teen driver training to low-income students at Hillsboro High School was passed unanimously as an emergency on its first reading.

A resolution allowing the mayor to participate in the state of Ohio’s opioid litigation with Teva, Allergan, CVS, Walgreens and Walmart was also passed unanimously as an emergency to comply with the state’s April 18 deadline.

An ordinance creating a Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) in Hillsboro was moved to a second reading after a number of local residents spoke in favor of and against the proposal earlier in the meeting.

A resolution for the city to contract for municipal mowing services was moved to a second reading after the council voted against suspending the three-reading rule. Only council member Adam Wilkin voted in favor of suspending the three-reading rule. The resolution would award Weber Lawn Care and Landscaping $49,500 to perform the services for the year.

A resolution to approve a payment of $6,409.80 to Distel Construction for storm sewer construction was unanimously approved and adopted as an emergency.

Appropriations ordinances to pay $2,000 for paint for a volunteer project painting the fence at the former Railroad Street park and to transfer $2,980.74 for a donation for supplies for the Liberty Park Veterans Memorial were also passed.

Council also heard several first readings about funding for Beech Street improvements that were all moved to a second reading at next month’s city council meeting.

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