SSCC joins QuantNet Ohio


Southern State Community College has announced its new partnership with the QuantNet Ohio, Statewide Network for Teaching Quantitative Reasoning Effectively. It joins nine other Ohio colleges and universities that are part of the group.

QuantNet Ohio is a professional development network of Quantitative Reasoning (QR) instructors at Ohio’s colleges and universities. Building on the work of the Ohio Mathematics Initiative (OMI) and Ohio Transfer 36, QuantNet Ohio supports Ohio’s diverse teaching workforce for freshman-level Quantitative Reasoning (QR).

Students at Southern State can benefit from this alliance by enrolling in the college’s QR course that will be offered this fall. The QR course will provide students with the necessary tools needed to analyze mathematical concepts within their job or everyday life.

“Traditional math classes focus more on the how, but QR is also heavily focused on the why, which is necessary for all students and educators alike. In a world driven by data, QR gives students the tools to understand, analyze, and interpret the data, regardless of the situation,” said SSCC Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs Dr. Erika Goodwin.

Leading Southern State’s QR classes are instructors Bob Krauss and Zac Kronick.

“Students can struggle with mathematical concepts, and QR is designed to break down those barriers and allow students to not only understand math in a way they may not have before but also how to use it in their everyday life,” says Krauss. “Being part of QuantNet Ohio will help us make this course even more beneficial for all students, as it will allow us to have meaningful discussions with not just ourselves, but other math faculty from both colleges and universities across the state to ensure the material we provide our students is informative, relevant, and engaging.”

A well-designed QR class engages students in relevant, real-world contexts, and encourages them to develop their critical thinking skills. Being able to reason quantitatively is empowering because it enables individuals to analyze data, make informed decisions, solve problems and succeed in our modern society.

Beginning Aug. 21, students will have the option to attend QR completely online or hybrid, which is a blend of online and in-person. Two hybrid classes will be offered; one at Brown County Campus in Mt. Orab on Wednesdays from 9-10:49 a.m. and another one at central campus in Hillsboro on Wednesdays from 11 a.m. to 12:49 p.m.

For questions, or to obtain more information, call 800-628-7722, ext. 2825.

Submitted by Elizabeth Burkard, director of marketing, Southern State Community College.

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