Extension facility cost $1.11M


The Highland County Board of Commissioners approved two resolutions during their meeting Wednesday, July 19.

A bid by Miller-Mason Paving Co. in the amount of $1,121,627.20 was awarded to the company by the commissioners for road reconstruction and resurfacing in New Market Township

A resolution for the general contractor portion of the new OSU Extension building project in the amount of $1,113,599 to be awarded to Tag Williams, Inc. was approved. The mechanical and plumbing portions of the project will be subcontracted to Weller’s, and the electrical portion of the project will be performed by CT Electric.

Highland County Treasurer Alex Butler said the county’s monthly sales tax receipts for July of 2023 totaled $767,858.19. “It’s consistent with the trend we’ve seen in the last couple of years as far as month over month,” said Butler.

Two special event liquor licenses for events at the Highland County Fair, one for Sept. 1-5 and one for Sept. 6-10, were approved by the commissioners.

The commissioners discussed the proposal to equip the county’s dog kennel with a security system. Superior Alarm has submitted separate bids for cameras and a key-card operated entrance.

“For the cameras and all the wiring and everything that goes along with that, that total is $7,584.91,” said Commissioner Dave Daniels. “I think we probably ought to table this and see if we can find the other quote and see where we are on this.”

Commissioner Terry Britton said the key-card entrance is an important part of the project. “Since we’ve got members of the friends group that want in and out to take care of dogs and take care of animals on the weekends, I would want to see a combined bid from Superior, so if he can track down a good number on that because I think that’s an important component of this,” said Britton. “I mean that’s what we’ve been talking about, so I’m fine with putting it off to see if we can get a combined bid for that because we’ve talked about the necessity for all those things.”

Commissioner Brad Roads said, “I kind of agree, and I feel like it’s always nice to have all of these things coordinated at the same time so it all kind of merges and works together.”

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