Edwards’ diary from June of 1864

By Charlotte Pack

Abigail Edwards, nicknamed Abbie, one of Elizabeth Edwards’ eight children.

Abigail Edwards, nicknamed Abbie, one of Elizabeth Edwards’ eight children.

This is a continuation of Elizabeth Edwards’ diary from June of 1864. Elizabeth and her husband, Robert Edwards, arrived in Highland County from Chester County, Pa. in a two-horse covered wagon and lived on Underground Road outside of Highland.

The Edwardses left their Pennsylvania home in Chester County, Pa. on May 14, 1837. Their destination was the home of an aged uncle of Elizabeth’s, William Chalfant, who lived in Highland County. In 1807, Chalfant and his wife, Ruth, left Grayson County, Va. with a land warrant for about 500 acres. They settled near Leesburg.

Following are the entries in Elizabeth’s diary from June of 1864. The spelling and grammar have been left as she wrote it.

June 21 – It is very hot today Sis is ironing. I churned and baked. Abbie has gone to help Sarah Phillips make a dress.

June 22 – It is still very warm and no rain yet. Robert went to take the mason home and then to Billy Joness Sis and Adaline went to see Alice Johnson, late Conard. Robert came home and is now in Lex. (Editor’s Note – Lex is short for New Lexington, which was the original name of Highland until it was changed due to a conflict with another Ohio town by the same name sometime after 1900).

June 23 – R. and myself went to Hillsborough, very warm quite a shower there, but not rain here. Mattie Good was here today. She came home today from Phillips.

June 24 – No rain yet. extremely hot. Abbie is sick, not sitting today. R. Hixson was here. R. was at Lex. in the afternoon I churned and made a cheese.

June 25 – Abbie is better. I baked and scrubed the kitchen R. has gone away to Billy Joness. Barber is here this evening. is going to McCoys.

June 26 – Warm as ever. Sarah Phillips and myself went to C. Lewis’s, had a nice chat with Louisa about Penn. The girls went to Lexington to meeting. no strangers here to eat today.

June 27 – Very warm in the morning. Turned cool in the evening. But no rain. Robert has just got home from Lex. it is dark. He is eating his supper.

June 28 – Cool this morning, no rain yet. Jesse has been mowing today with the machine. R. at Lex. in the forenoon, eat dinner at 2. is at mill now with wagon. Girls have gone to Lex.

June 30 – E. and R. Car, and myself went to R. Conards and Uncle Benny’s , had a nice time. They went home. A nice shower this evening.

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Charlotte Pack is a local author and historian. She calls her column Time Travels.

Abigail Edwards, nicknamed Abbie, one of Elizabeth Edwards’ eight children.
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/33/2016/09/web1_Abigail-Edwards-pic.jpgAbigail Edwards, nicknamed Abbie, one of Elizabeth Edwards’ eight children.

By Charlotte Pack