Author to hold discussion, Q&A at Hillsboro library

By Sarah Allen

The environment, the threats to it, and our role within it will all be topics of discussion when author Peter Seidel visits the Hillsboro library on Wednesday, Oct. 19.

Seidel’s presentation will begin at 6:30 p.m., following which will be a question and answer session. The focus of the evening will be his book “There is Still Time!”

Gary Gardner, with the World Watch Institute, also contributed to the book which, Seidel added, is written in two parts.

According to the book’s description on Amazon: “Part one looks at us as individuals, how we work together as a society, and the way our governments and businesses operate, and suggests things we can do to change direction. Part two gives a concise but comprehensive overview of the state of our planet today.”

Seidel said, “There’s a whole slew of things that are threatening us.”

“We are rushing toward catastrophe,” he added. “The book deals with the basic cause of this, which is us.”

Seidel said that his work as an architect helped him see how the many elements threatening sustainability are all “interconnected.” He first became interested in the environment while he was working in architectural offices in Milwaukee and Chicago, where he read Harrison Brown’s “The Challenge of Man’s Future.”

According to Seidel’s website: “(Brown’s book) described the dangers of excessive population growth, food and mineral shortages, and overconsumption that threatened our future. It gave me a lot to think about. Having a good imagination, I could see the massive misery people would someday face if we did not resolve these problems. I was moved.”

Seidel added, “I saw that everything I was doing was wrong.” From there, he became an environment architect and later a writer. His first book was “Invisible Walls.”

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Sarah Allen is an assistant librarian at the Highland County District Library in Hillsboro.

By Sarah Allen