New veteran ID cards available

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In a very short time this summer, the state of Ohio worked diligently to enact legislation for the approval of a state-authorized United States Veteran Document Identification Card for veterans that have been honorably discharged from the U.S. Armed Forces.

The “new” card, as referred to by the Highland County Veterans Service Commission, is incredibly similar to the one that has been being issued by our county’s Veterans Service Office for over the past two years. Minor changes with the current card have been mandated by the state, but the best news to come of these few changes is that the new Ohio Veteran ID Cards being issued by participating county VSOs and/or recorder’s offices will now be qualified as a legal form of identification for many purposes.

“The veterans’ card is the creation of a new state law. When veterans apply for this card, the state will keep all of the important government information online so it’ll be easily accessible when vets apply for social services or their families apply for burial benefits,” State Representative Marlene Anielski said. “You can also use this ID for voting as well. And for those veterans who perhaps are homeless or cannot afford a state ID, they will be able to use this.”

Anielski local communities will be able to charge up to $2 for the card, though she thinks many won’t charge for it at all. Veterans can get the cards from county recorder’s offices or county Veterans Service Offices.

The Highland County Veterans Service Office provides the United States Veteran ID cards at no charge to qualified veterans. The HCVSO also requests that anyone who was previously issued one of their former Veteran ID Cards, prior to Nov. 1, 2016, to follow these new guidelines listed below and then return the previously issued card to the office for replacement as soon as possible.

To apply for United States Veteran Document Identification Card, currently, veterans must bring a certified copy of their military discharge [DD Form 214/DD-214] from their county Recorder’s Office to the Highland County Veterans Service Office and show two forms of valid and current identification, one of which must bear a photograph of the individual. The only forms of identification that will be accepted are:

• Original or Certified Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, United States Military Identification card, valid U.S. passport, state issued ID card, state issued Motor Vehicle Operator’s License, original U.S. Armed Forces Discharge Record, state issued license or permit to carry a concealed weapon, identification card issued by the U.S .Department of Veteran Affairs.

This form of identification will help veterans prove eligibility for many benefits and services such as:

• Identification, veteran hospital services, ceteran home loans, burial benefits, employment applications, student loans and discounts at participating restaurants and retail establishments

Submitted by Highland County Veterans Service Commission.

Submitted story