Garden Club members attend regional meeting

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The Hillsboro Garden Club was well represented at the Ohio Association of Garden Club’s (OAGC) Region 16 Fall Regional meeting held on Oct. 13 and received awards.

The club received an excellent rating on its Program Book and the Flower Show Book also got an excellent rating. Carol Gorby and Ruth Anna Duff did all the preparation of those.

The morning program was given by Carolyn and Larry Turner. It was titled Saving the Monarchs, 2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back. Monarch populations were up until a terrible ice storm in Mexico killed millions and destroyed the trees where they wintered. A film on their life cycle was so detailed and awesome that all gardeners should see it.

There is a goal to make 1,650 acres per county for way stations. Contact the local Soil and Water Conservation District for more information.

After a gourmet lunch and shopping, the afternoon program was given by Kim Baker, Caesar Creek naturalist. It was titled Prairie Flowers and Their Pollinators. Wild flowers are better than treated lawns, not just for the bees, birds and the pollinators, but for all of us. Plant flowers.

The regional meetings are great for learning about current problems and new ideas. Contact a garden club member. Everyone is welcome. The Spring Regional meeting will be held in Clinton County.

Those attending the Fall Regional meeting from the Hillsboro Garden Club were Larry and Judy Moore, Ruth Anna Duff, Carol Gorby, Andrea Schneider and Nancy Sonner.

Submitted by Nancy Sonner, publicity chairperson, Hillsboro Garden Club.

Submitted story