Gardeners announce fair classes

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This year’s theme for the Highland County Fair Flower Shows will be A Day at the Lake, interpreting the many aspects of a day among nature’s bounty.

Monday, Sept. 4 kicks off the eye-dazzling Dahlia Show. This two-day feast for the eyes includes all the standard specimen classes and artistic design classes as well. Jumping the Waves and A Nature Walk feature dahlias in beautiful designs.

The Open Flower Show on Wednesday, Sept. 6 begins the showcase of designs and specimens produced by Highland countians, over 18 years of age, who do not belong to a garden club. Beautiful designs will be created for classes Inspired by Nature (inspirational), Time for Reflection (reflective design) and Sail Away (designer’s choice).

These days also feature the talents of the Highland County Juniors who, being under the age of 18, produce amazing designs. This year their classes are Sweeping the Beach (using recyclable items in the design), New Age Tubing (using an inner tube within the design) and Collecting Treasures, where they can show their crafting abilities by decorating a fabric bag using items depicting the theme. Bags will be provided by the Hillsboro Garden Club and are to be completed before the fair. Contact Beryl Gruelle at 937-393-2723 or Rose Marie Cowdrey at 937-708-1893 for information on a special meeting date to receive the bags. A junior special horticulture class is Moonshine Sunflower, Ferry-Morse Seeds.

Invitational Garden Club Artistic Design Classes at this show will include What’s For Lunch? (an al fresco functional table setting) and Drifting Along (featuring driftwood in the design). A very special class event hosted by members of the Hillsboro Garden Club will involve young visitors to the Flower Show on Wednesday and Thursday. Youngsters will actually Pot-A-Pumpkin by using a small pumpkin to pot a plant they select and take it home. All supplies and plants will be provided by Hillsboro Garden Club as well as assistance in making their creation. The club hopes to see many budding gardeners come and join in the fun and get their hands dirty – soap and water are also provided.

The final days of Fair Flower Shows, Friday and Saturday, gives the Hillsboro Garden Club member designers and gardeners an opportunity to strut their stuff. Special specimen classes to look for are Zinderella Peach, Zinnia and new variety Florenza Sunflower, which has a chocolate aroma. Designs of Inspired by Nature (inspirational), Skip-A-Rock (synergistic, Type II), A Leak in The Dam? (fantasy flow design), Sail Away (designers’ choice) and Time for Reflection (reflective design).

Throughout the week there will be two interesting dducational displays provided by the Hillsboro Garden Club as a part of its effort to attract and educate the gardener in all of us. You are invited to visit the Floral Hall during the Highland County Fair. It will be a delight for the senses.

Submitted by Nancy Sonner, Hillsboro Garden Club publicity chair.

Submitted story