Garden club holds June meeting

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President Nancy Baldwin called the June 27 meeting of the Hillsboro Garden Club to order with members standing for the Pledge of Allegiance and singing of “God Bless America.” Roll call showed 15 members present, three absentees and two guests, Darlene Eicher and Barbara Story. Reading of the May meeting minutes and treasurer’s report were submitted and approved.

The horticulture specimen of the month was displayed by Nancy Baldwin. A beautiful floral centerpiece from Nancy and Charles Baldwin’s recent 40th wedding anniversary celebration was displayed. Nancy contacted the florist for names of the flowers used in the design. As members tried to identify the blooms, Nancy was able to give the correct name. It was a beautiful learning experience.

Examples of floral arrangements in the fair design classes were displayed prior to the business meeting. Carol Gorby displayed and explained the Fantasy Flow design. This design must have a dominant form flowing away from the base of the main design. The flow may be of natural or man-made material. Carol’s arrangement featured a large upright piece of wood containing large melon-colored day lilies and aspidistra leaves with a “flowing” piece of wood crossing a portion of the table and appearing to run off.

Rose Marie Cowdrey then displayed her Synergistic Design. This is a creative design and the positions of the containers and connective line material should lead your eye through a defined pattern. Using three decorative glass bottles of different sizes and colors, she connected them with looping lime green wiring. Each bottle contained bamboo shoots and blooms in various combinations and differing bottle positions.

Discussions and explanations of the Junior Classes 77, 78 and 79 for the fair were held. Class 77 is to create a design using some recycled material. Class 78 is to create a design containing some type of inner tube. Fabric bags for Class 79 will be handed out at the next meeting. These bags are to be decorated by the exhibitor in some fashion depicting the theme.

Other items discussed and acted upon were: Beautification Awards candidates submitted by Fran Larkin and Mary Smith, approved by the club membership; raffle tickets from OAGC benefiting Mohican School for the Out of Doors resulted in unsold tickets to be returned to OAGC; tabling the decision on the Department of Agriculture’s license requirement for plant sales; update on the 2018 regional meeting the club will be hosting in May 2018; and a reminder to the nominating committee that the slate of officers for 2017-19 is due soon.

The meeting was adjourned and refreshments were served by Kay Neugebauer and Ed Davis.

Submitted by Carol Gorby, club secretary.

Submitted story