Premier Showmen giving back to community

By Lynette Hamilton

“I pledge my hands to larger service, my health to better living, for my club, my community, my country and my world.” That is the 4-H pledge.

From its founding, community service has served as one of the pillars of the 4-H program. Through 4-H, youth members are given the opportunity to design and carry out their own service projects in their community.

The Premier Showmen 4-H club is striving to give back in its community this month of April. Members of the club brainstormed different ideas of ways that they can give back to the youth in Highland County. They wanted their actions to be kind, by standing up for others and making a difference through service projects throughout the month.

The club started the month off by participating in the Highland County Society for Children and Adults Radio-Telethon fundraising effort. This donation was given to help support others in Highland County with medical bills and other expenses. Members of the club did a fundraising project to help raise money for this event last year.

Another activity members are participating in this month is organizing a canned food drive to donate to Samaritan Outreach Services to help feed the youth of Highland County. Hunger is an issue that members felt passionate about, and the effects it has on the community.

Members of Premier Showmen are also collecting pop tabs to be donated to the Ronald McDonald House. This event allows members not only to help the youth in their community, but their country as well.

So as members say their 4-H pledge, hands to larger service, it is not something they are just saying, but something they are doing to help others. We ask that you get involved as April 20-22 is Global Youth Service Day. Get out there and make a difference. No act of kindness is too small. Be kind and lead.

Lynette Hamilton is an adviser for the Premier Showman 4-H Club.
Premier Showmen giving back to community

By Lynette Hamilton