SOGS program on wills, genealogical research

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Thursday, May 10 will be the next program of the Southern Ohio Genealogical Society. The guest speaker will be Liz Stratton, who will be presenting the second half of a two-part Power Point program titled “Even if There is no Will, There is a Way” and “Using the Law to get the Most from Estates.”

The first half of the presentation was presented at the March meeting.

Estate settlement records often identify married names of daughters, confirm parentage, establish migrations and more. In this session you will understand wills and how to get the most information from them. Stratton will also cover how county boundary changes might affect your research and how to find estate records in print, online or at the courthouse. Clues on how to research estates even if there was no will and how knowing the laws of the time can help you track family members will also be presented.

Stratton is a highly sought after genealogy presenter. She specializes in Ohio’s complex land and court records. She has completed research in many Ohio counties giving her personal experience with Ohio records. She holds a Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies (PLCGS) from the National Institute of Genealogical Studies. She has attended numerous weeklong courses including “Advanced Research Tools, Land Records” and “Law Libraries and Government Documents.” She lectures and writes on a variety of genealogical topics. Her article “Docket: The Court’s Index” appeared in the October-December 2017 National Genealogical Society Magazine. Stratton is education director of the Hamilton County (Ohio) Genealogical Society and president of the Association of Professional Genealogists Virtual Chapter.

All SOGS programs are open to the public. The May 10 program will begin at 7 p.m. in Hillsboro at the Highland County Service Center Conference Room, 1487 N. High St. (this is the building that houses the Highland County Health Department located next to Jerry Haag Motors). Look for a sign on the exterior door to enter.

Upcoming spring meetings will include the following: June 14 – 1st and 2nd Family Induction Banquet and SOGS Annual Meeting, Highland House Museum, Hillsboro, reservations required by June 7.

Submitted by Dwight Crum, vice president of programs, Southern Ohio Genealogical Society.

Submitted story