Cole Newsome

Cole Newsome

To me, 4-H camp is by far one of the best and most important things in my life. Camp has taught me all sorts of important skills: leadership, unity, cunning, proper preparation and expecting the unexpected. Camp has done all of this. As such, I highly recommend camp to everyone that I meet.

There are camps for all ages, from Beginner Camp to Teen Camp. Beginner, grades 3-5, will be June 7-10. Junior High Camp, grades 6-8, will be June 11-14 and there is even a Teen Camp for kids in ninth grade and up that will be held May 31 to June 3.

Campers will meet different types of people. Campers will learn all sorts of skills from canoeing to archery to arts and crafts. Camp teaches kids how to be good leaders from working together in a paddle boat to helping each other stay on task.

All of these camps offer kids so many different opportunities in life at such young ages. They also enable kids to get out of their shell and explore and make new friends that could last them a lifetime. In conclusion, I strongly advocate that kids go to camp for all of its many opportunities available and also so that they can relax a little and let off some steam with friends.

More information and camp registration can be found at Hurry and don’t miss the deadline to register for camp, May 30. Come join the fun. See you at camp.

Cole Newsome is a 4-H camb ambassador and Hillsboro High School senior.

Cole Newsome Newsome