Health Department launching awareness campaign

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In an effort to expand on its mission to prevent, promote and protect the public’s health in Highland County, the Highland County General Health District (HCGHD) is launching a public awareness campaign that will inform both businesses and patrons that food operations and the HCGHD are working together to provide a clean and safe environment for the public to consume and purchase food.

Starting this summer, upon a standard health inspection at a restaurant, grocery store, or any food facility annually licensed in Highland County, the HCGHD will be distributing a brand new Health Inspection Decal. This decal will be prominently displayed so that the public can easily see and recognize that a food operation in Highland County is being inspected on a regular basis and is working to meet the standards of the Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code.

Along with recognizing efforts by local businesses, the intent of this ongoing campaign is to better educate the public on matters of food safety and help build confidence in consumers when dining or purchasing food at establishments found throughout Highland County.

To keep up with the latest on food safety in Highland County, make sure to check out Highland County General Health District in person, by phone, or through one of our media outlets. All food inspection reports are also provided online at our website.

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Submitted by Jared Warner, Highland County health commissioner.

Submitted story