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Sarah Buddelmeyer in Honors College

Sarah Buddelmeyer, a marine science major from Leesburg, is one of 700 students who have been accepted into the Coatal Carolina University HTC Honors College and Center for Interdisciplinary Studies established on Oct. 12.

The HTC Honors College and Center for Interdisciplinary Studies will feature many new initiatives and a revised curriculum. It will support students who have ties to majors and departments across campus: from honors students to interdisciplinary studies students, who build their own, innovative academic majors. In addition, the college will continue.

The board of trustees approved the establishment of an honors college at CCU in February, a year after the provost charged the CCU Honors Council with developing a proposal for a well-defined and innovative program consistent with the university’s commitment to excellence and vision for student achievement and success.

Kozuszek receives Miami-Hughes internship

Miami University student Caleb Kozuszek has received a Miami-Hughes internship.

The Miami-funded program provides a $3,000 stipend, a $750 research expense account and 12 hours of academic credit with tuition waived for up to 15 students each summer to conduct a faculty-mentored research project.

Kozuszek, from Hillsboro, is majoring in biochemistry.

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