Lynchburg Three Arts Club meets

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The Lynchburg Three Arts Club met at the country home of Doris Randolph for its Feb. 12 meeting.

Randolph, the club president, called the meeting to order by having Becky Davidson read the club collect. The secretary, Colleen Mount, and the treasurer, Davidson, gave their reports.

Next month will be movie night at the home of Denise Kuntz. The name of the movie will be “The Hundred Foot Journey.”

The meeting adjourned to the program conducted by Nancy Shaffer, which was a review and discussion of the book “The Kingdom of the Blind” by Louise Penny, which is the continuing sage of Armand Gamache, the former head of the Surete du Quebec. The case that caused him to be put on suspension involved opioids and other drugs. The drugs have all been recovered with one exception — enough narcotics to kill thousands has disappeared into the inner city of Montreal. There is also a peculiar will of a stranger that makes him executor that he is involved in.

The hostess decorated the table for Valentine’s Day and served a delicious dessert course to Randolph, Davidson, Mount, Nancy Lippert and Nancy Shaffer.

Submitted by Nancy Shaffer.

Submitted story