Lynchburg library summer reading myths

By Elaine Williams

The Summer Reading Club has begun at the Lynchburg Branch Library. Sign-ups continue throughout June and July.

Here are some myths about the summer reading program:

* You have to go to the library every day. False. To participate in the reading club, you can read anywhere — at home, on vacation, at grandma’s. It’s for anywhere, anytime.

* My child can’t read yet, so he or she can’t participate. False. Good reading skills start at birth, when connections are just forming in the brain. Read to your infants, babies, toddlers and preschoolers.They can earn prizes just for listening.

* Summer reading is just for kids. False. Teens and adults can also be involved in summer reading and win prizes. Everyone likes to read and get free stuff.

* My kid doesn’t like to read books, and summer reading means you have to read books. False. Kids can read magazines or comic books, or listen to audiobooks. What do they like to do? Play video games? We have books about video gaming and characters and how to win those games. Ask your library staff about Roblox or Minecraft books, or tractors, fishing or anything else that interests your child. Try a pop-up book, one that plays music or makes noises, or has flaps to lift or different textures to feel.

Reading doesn’t have to be hard or boring. We also have storytimes. Have us read to your kids.

Elaine Williams is a libraian at the Lynchburg Branch Library.

By Elaine Williams