Wilkin introduces bill to empower consumers

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A new bill introduced in the Ohio House of Representatives would promote business fairness and empower consumers.

The Ohio Business Fairness Act, co-authored by state Reps. Shane Wilkin (R-Hillsboro) and Jon Cross (R-Kenton), would help level the playing field between large and small businesses during times of emergency.

“Instead of the government picking winners and losers, we’re empowering and trusting consumers to choose which stores to patronize,” said Wilkin, a small business owner himself.

The measure, House Bill 621, states that if a store is deemed essential and sells the same or similar products as a business that is closed or limited due to the health director, board of health of a city or a general health district, that the business may reopen or continue operating and see their product.

“If you can go into a Big Box store and buy your wife or mother a locket this Mother’s Day, you should be able to go into your local jewelry store and do the same thing, provided they can meet the same safety standards that other businesses are meeting,” Wilkin said.

Submitted by the office of Shane Wilkin.

Submitted story