HDH receives robotics-assisted surgical system

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Highland District Hospital has announced the arrival of the robotics-assisted CORI Surgical System from global medical device maker, Smith+Nephew. The addition of the robotics-assisted solution for knee replacements expands the orthopedic service line capabilities locally, and compliments the leading edge surgical suites designed and completed as part of Building Expansion Project 2020.

The CORI Surgical System represents a new chapter in total robotics-assisted knee replacements for patients who come to Highland District Hospital.

“With any total knee arthroplasty surgery, final placement of the implant is critical to providing both the function and longevity that today’s patients expect,” said Dr. Alex Renshaw with Highland Advanced Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. “With the CORI system I’m able to see real-time data throughout the surgery that is designed to help place each implant in the optimal location based on each patient’s unique anatomy.”

The robotics-assisted system provides patients a new chapter in robotics-assisted procedures.

“This system is the first step in the launch of robotics-assisted surgeries at Highland District Hospital, and meets the needs of our patients who are not only asking for more accessible, quality care, but are seeking innovative technologies to assist in their care,” said HDH President and CEO Randal Lennartz.

The minimally invasive, robotics-assisted technology boasts customized 3D digital models of each patient’s knee used to determine where the implant should be placed to provide the optimal function to the patient with the potential for a faster recovery — all resulting in a greater outcome for the patient.

“Even though we are a rural hospital, we recognize that our patients are savvy,” said HDH Vice President of Operations Tim Parry. “They request best practice options such as robotics-assisted surgeries and will travel long distances for those surgical options. The goal for our orthopedic program was to offer those solutions to patients right here and we have done that.”

Highland District Hospital’s investment in patient care options creates a sophisticated and exceptionally safe environment that benefits the patient and their recovery. Those investments include the expanded orthopedic capabilities in robotics-assisted surgery, combined with advanced surgical technologies, and the upcoming opening and expansion of private inpatient rooms on the new medical/surgical unit. These services partner with an intensive, inpatient rehabilitation program, with the final compliment to robust care being the move of off-site, outpatient rehabilitation services to on-campus rehabilitative care.

“The continuum of care, from surgery day to outpatient rehabilitation, has been considered, enhanced and advanced,” said Parry.

To learn more about hand-held, robotics-assisted surgery, visit www.hdh.org.

Submitted by Ashlee D. Cheesbro, marketing manager, Highland District Hospital.

Submitted story