Ohio University’s Dean’s List

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More than 8,400 students qualified for the fall semester 2020 dean’s lkist at Ohio University, including the main and regional campuses.

Following is are the names of students from Highland County on the list:

College of Arts and Sciences — Maria Onusko from Greenfield, Vince Leeth from Greenfield, Zachary Perie from Greenfield, Payton Bell from Hillsboro, Jenna Lawson from Hillsboro, Carrie Hawthorn from Leesburg, Caelyn Knisley from Leesburg.

College of Business — Griffin Foltz from Greenfield, Reece Mclanahan-Schluep from Greenfield, Shelby Elliott from Hillsboro, Alexander Payton from Greenfield, Macie Adams from Greenfield, Heidi Rolfe from Greenfield.

College of Fine Arts — Ciara Colwell from Hillsboro.

College of Health Sciences and Professions — Elissa Grate from Greenfield, Felicia Scott from Greenfield, Sidney Ayers from Greenfield, Emma Smith from Greenfield, Taylor Rogers from Greenfield, Chayce Watson from Hillsboro .

Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education — Richard Bivens from Greenfield, Payton Smith from Greenfield, Natalie Rolfe from Greenfield, Benjamin Young from Hillsboro, Breanna Mottie from Hillsboro, Shania Setty from Leesburg, Chantel Landrum from Leesburg, Elizabeth Kratzer from Leesburg.

Honors Tutorial College — Garett Cunningham from Greenfield.

Russ College of Engineering and Technology — Blake Gall from Greenfield, Bryn Karnes from Greenfield, Jacob Batson from Greenfield, Zane Bode from Greenfield, Garrett Spargur from Leesburg, Nathaniel Buchanan from Leesburg.

Scripps College of Communication — Larkyn Parry from Leesburg, Liahna Brown from Hillsboro, Mikala Peters from Leesburg.

University College — Justin Hatfield from Greenfield, Marcy West from Hillsboro, Natasha Brown from Leesburg.

Due to COVID-19, OHIO students who earned 12 semester hours of credit, including at least six hours attempted for letter grades, with a minimum grade point average of 3.5, achieved this distinction.

Submitted by Jalyn Bolyard, media relations coordinator, Ohio University.

Submitted story