VA encourages contact with IPVAP

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The VA cares about veterans affected by Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). The VA Intimate Partner Violence Assistance Program (IPVAP) recognizes domestic violence/intimate partner violence is a serious, yet preventable, public health problem that may disproportionately affect veterans. To help address the impact IPV has on veterans, family members and VA staff, the IPVAP promotes relationship health and wellness and supports healing and growth for those impacted by IPV.

The IPVAP Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2021 theme is “Honor Relationship Wellness.” Supportive and connected relationships is a universal protective factor for physical and mental health for all people. Living in conflict reduces health and quality of life. For those impacted by IPV, healing and growth is critical to recovery. Healthy relationships can increase connection, trust and safety. The Chillicothe VA encourages veterans, their partners and VA staff to talk with their local IPVAP coordinator and learn about available resources and services. Together, a difference can be made.

For more information about the VA Intimate Partner Violence Assistance Program (IPVAP) at the Chillicothe VA, contact the IPVAP Coordinator at ext. 17284 or contact the 24-hour National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

Veterans not enrolled in the VA health care system are encouraged to visit to register or call 740-772-7170 with questions.

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Submitted by Stacia Ruby, public affairs officer, Chillicothe VA Medical Center.

Submitted story