LC’s Ernst completes medical program

Brittany Ernst, a junior at Lynchburg-Clay High School, had completed the TAP MD, a program designed to help exceptionally talented high school students “tap” into their potential to fulfill careers in medicine.

Nearly 140 students have graduated from the annual program, each attending monthly observation events with physicians in Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana. To enter the career exploring program, students must be strong academically (29 ACT and/or 1300 SAT), motivated, mature, dependable and have a positive attitude.

The program has an ultimate goal that over 50 percent of its students will pursue a career in medicine after the program.

TAP MD kicked off its sixth year in February with the largest class to date: 49 students. The students observed a live nephrectomy (kidney removal surgery) at UC Health Surgical Amphitheater. Dr. Tayyab Djwan walked them through the removal of an donor kidney for transplantation, from start to finish.

Submitted by Alicia Shope, Lynchburg-Clay High School science teacher.