Traffic restrictions on Hobart Road

Following a three-week delay, restrictions will be imparted starting Thursday on Hobart Road in Highland County as part of a roadway extension project.

Hobart Road will be restricted to one-way westbound traffic from U.S. Route 62 to its new intersection and the roundabout at Careytown Road, with Hobart Road closed to eastbound traffic between Homestead Avenue and U.S. 62. Hobart Road motorists wanting to travel east to access U.S. 62 will be detoured by way of the new extension – Carl Smith Drive – Careytown Road, Harry Sauner Road and SR 73.

Crews from the John R. Jurgensen Company are extending Hobart Road from its terminus near Homestead Avenue and U.S. 62 at the northern corporation limit of Hillsboro to SR 73 at the city’s west side. With the project being built in phases, operations have included the construction of a new roadway from the existing Hobart Road to SR 73, which is the Carl Smith Drive component; a roundabout at the new roadway’s intersection with Careytown Road; turn lanes on SR 73 and U.S. 62, with a flashing light at SR 73 and a stop-and-go signal at U.S. 62; and improvements to Harry Sauner and Careytown roads.

As part of the next phase of construction, the contractors are reconstructing and widening the existing segment of Hobart Road between Homestead Avenue and U.S. 62. Although traffic changes on Hobart Road were scheduled to be in effect at the end of August, they were postponed due to utility issues.

The John R. Jurgensen Company of Cincinnati was awarded a contract for approximately $6.9 million to construct the 1.2-mile road between U.S. 62 and SR 73, and with an interim completion for fall of this year, all work is anticipated to be completed in the summer of 2016.

Submitted by Kathleen Fuller, ODOT public information officer.