Teen released from treatment

Order gives county temporary custody of newborn

By Angela Shepherd - [email protected]



A 15-year-old female who was previously sent for treatment after a cocktail of pills and alcohol sent her to the hospital has successfully completed her program and has been released from a Miami Valley facility.

In a January hearing, the girl admitted to fourth-degree felony theft of drugs and the state dismissed probation violations on an older case as well as additional charges of possession of drugs and underage consumption.

Highland County Juvenile Court Judge Kevin Greer noted in the January hearing that, according to the complaint, the teen stole two different prescription pills as well as two cans of alcohol, the combined consumption of which prompted a trip to the hospital, he said.

She was ordered to successfully complete treatment at Miami Valley Juvenile Rehabilitation and Detention Center and was given a suspended commitment to the Department of Youth Services (DYS), which is the prison system for youth.

The teen was previously put on community control in early November after admitting to underage consumption.

According to the court, all prior orders from the Highland County Juvenile Court were vacated upon her release, although her county of residence has changed and whether or not there would be court orders in the other county was not disclosed.

Meanwhile, a mother who lost custody of one child permanently last week has also seen custody of her newborn go to Children Services through an emergency order of the court.

Another hearing as to the custody of the baby born earlier this week is set for late August.

According to the court, legal custody of another child is currently with a family member.

In another hearing, a 16-year-old male admitted to an amended charge of disorderly conduct. The complaint initially alleged assault.

He is to have no contact with the victim, and must perform community service.

In another case, temporary custody of two children, ages 6 and 3, is now with Highland County Children Services following their mother’s admittance to the dependency of the children, defined by Ohio law as: one who is homeless, destitute or lacking in adequate parental care through no fault of the child’s guardians; a child who lacks the adequate parental care due to the mental or physical condition of the child’s guardians; whose condition or environment is such as to warrant the state, in the interests of the child, in assuming the child’s guardianship.

The case was initiated in April due to the mother’s alleged drug use.

Finally, a 13-year-old male admitted to misdemeanor theft. He was ordered to perform community service.

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Order gives county temporary custody of newborn

By Angela Shepherd

[email protected]