Greenfield’s Wooden It Be Nice building Lidl stores

Surritt: European discount chain Lidl is ‘right up our alley’

By David Wright - [email protected]



Greenfield construction firm Wooden It Be Nice has already built four buildings for European discount grocery chain Lidl, and is set to construct at least 10 more in the next year or so.

“These are the first locations in the United States,” said Wes Surritt, president of Wooden It Be Nice. “We’re actually starting on our fifth one now.”

Surritt express pride that a local builder finds itself in his position. He told The Times-Gazette the grocery chain has more than 10,000 locations throughout Europe, and has recently unveiled a plan to expand their operations to the United States.

According ot Surritt, Wooden It Be Nice has constructed Lidl stores in Virginia, North Carolina and is preparing for construction in South Carolina.

Surritt said he’s happy the company was able to land the contract early on in the bidding process.

“I try to stay on top of what’s going on out there,” he said. “We actually picked these up at the beginning of last year when they were just really starting to kick off their U.S. program… I’m like, ‘This is really right up our alley.’”

Surritt said with Walmart slowing construction of supercenters and focusing spending on their existing locations, he felt it would be best to find a business “that’s got some expansion to it.”

“We landed three right out the gate,” he said.

Surritt said he figures the company will most likely finish four more this year, then complete about 10 next year.

According to Surritt, each project can bring in as much as $450,000 to $500,000.

According to its website, Wooden It Be Nice specializes in the construction of retail buildings, restaurants, shopping centers, offices and hospitality projects throughout the United States.

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Surritt: European discount chain Lidl is ‘right up our alley’

By David Wright

[email protected]