WLRU back on the air

The Times-Gazette

WLRU, the FM station located at 106.9 on the dial and owned and operated by St. Mary Catholic Church in Hillsboro, is back on the air following several days of technical difficulties that interrupted its signal.

The station continued broadcasting on the Internet, but is now back on the airwaves following technical issues that were finally resolved in conjunction with Time-Warner, said Father Mike Paraniuk.

In addition to its 106.9 on-air presence, the station can be listened to by visiting www.saintmaryhillsboro.org and clicking on the WLRU link.

Father Mike, as he is affectionately known by his friends and parishioners, said the non-commercial station had its beginnings in October of 2013 when the Federal Communications Commission opened a two-week window to obtain a license for a low-power FM radio station, broadcasting at 100 watts with a tower no taller than 100 feet.

WLRU depends on two primary services for much of its content, the Catholic TV Network, and southern gospel music from the Gospel Station Network, a Baptist-affiliated broadcaster located in Ada, Okla., a reflection of Father Mike’s goal to appeal beyond the boundaries of Catholicism. Southern Baptist music is a popular feature of the station’s broadcast.

On Mondays, the station broadcasts various local programming hosted by Father Mike, including “The Church Among Us,” featuring interviews with other religious leaders discussing their churches or various outreach programs.

The Times-Gazette