SOGS Program on platting old property deeds

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The next program of the Southern Ohio Genealogical Society will be on Thursday, April 12. The guest speaker will be Betty Crum, Highland County genealogist and SOGS member. She will be presenting a Power Point program on Platting Old Property Deeds Marked with Metes and Bounds.

Land platting is a great way to study local history and the history of your ancestors. In this session you learn the simple method of platting the deeds of your ancestors.

As you trace the history of your ancestor’s property you will run into some interesting terms which are no longer used by surveyors. Early property deeds are often referred to as metes and bounds deeds. You will see the measurement terms of chains, rods, poles, perches, and links. What does all of this mean and how do we understand these old deeds and learn what the boundary of our ancestors property looked like? Actually, it is not complicated at all.

Topics covered in this session will be what are metes, bounds, perches, poles and rods. Basic tools needed to plat a deed and how to create your deed “call list.”

Crum is an experienced genealogy researcher and has researched, written and published three family history books. She has assisted with three other history books and is currently working with her husband on a two-volume Crum family history. She has certified two First Families of Ohio, over 30 three Highland County First Families, 13 Highland County Second Families, and two First Families of Oklahoma.

Join the society for this very interesting program which will begin at 7 p.m. in Hillsboro at the Highland County Service Center Conference Room, 1487 N. High St. [located close to Southern State Community College and Jerry Haag Motors, also houses the Highland County Health Department.]

Upcoming meetings will include the following programs: May 10 – Where There is a Will, There is a Way and Using the Law to Get the Most from Estate Records.” Liz Stratton, speaker; June 14 – First and Second Family Banquet and Annual Meeting.

Submitted by Dwight Crum, vice president, Southern Ohio Genealogical Society.

Submitted story