Highland County Women’s Hall of Fame nominations

Deadline is June 30, induction ceremony Aug. 14

By Jeff Gilliland - [email protected]

The Highland County Women’s Hall of Fame is accepting nominations for its 2018 induction class. The deadline to submit a nomination is June 30 and this year’s inductees will be honored during a ceremony on Aug. 14.

Nominations are kept on file for five years.

Nominees must have been born in Highland County or have been a resident of the county for at least five years. They do not have to currently live in the county. Any individual, group or committee can make a nomination. The nomination form is limited to five pages, preferably double spaced.

Forms are available at all Highland County libraries and The Times-Gazette.

“The Highland County Women’s Hall of Fame was established as a way to honor the women of Highland County who have contributed to the county’s way of life through accomplishments either as homemakers, church leaders, community leaders, business women or office holders,” committee member Virginia Purdy said.

She said that two to four inductees and are normally selected, and that the nomination forms are sent to three judges who are not Highland County residents.

At the induction ceremony, each new inductee is introduced and given the opportunity to say a few words. The names of all past inductees are also read.

The first class was inducted into the hall in 1981 and it currently has 112 members. Plaques bearing the names of all the inductees hang in the first floor hallway of the Highland County Courthouse in Hillsboro.

Nomination forms should be sent to Highland County Women’s Hall of Fame, P.O. Box 303, Hillsboro, Ohio 45133.

Following is a list of the past inductees:

1981 – Lillie Faris, Dorothy Lynch, Rosalie Morgan, Violet Morgan

1982 – Jean Carson, Catherine Hottle, Helen Lowell, Mary Muntz

1983 – Hazel Durnell, Lena Hollady, Wilma Naylor

1984 – Eldonna Ashley, Shirley Granger

1985 – Margaret Arnold, Lillian Gossett

1986 – Elizabeth Caldwell, Harriet Wilson

1987 – Betty Bishop, Clara Goodrich, Eloise Yochum Moran

1988 – Betty Collins, Eva Walsh

1989 – Josephine Failer, Elouise Postle, Margaret Williams

1990 – Cathy Lario Bennett, Clara Weishaupt

1991 – Alice Cassner, Betty Saum, Eliza Jane Thompson

1992 – Dorothy Hodson, Vicki Knauff

1993 – Kay Ayres, Margene Monts De Oca

1994 – Virginia Morris, Leslie Ramsey, Barbara Yochum

1995 – Jean Head, Pat Kelch, Catherine Meade

1996 – Janet Carroll Knauff, Joyce Fender, Beverly Fenner

1997 – Valeta Doorneweerd, Lenora Gordon, Doris Smith

1998 – Sheryl Bayliss, Frances Larkin, Doris Rooney

1999 – Helen Caplinger, Mary Hiestand, Dinah Phillips, Pamela Nickell

2000 – Bernice Brown, Gretchen Huffman, Nancy Wisecup

2001 – Willa Stanforth, Margaret Van Frank, Rose Marie Wilkin

2002 – Linda Allen, Julianne Krebbs, Carlene Phillips, Jean Wallis

2003 – Sharon Hughes, Byrda Patton

2004 – Imogene Curtis, Paulette Donley

2005 – Michelle Ross, Inez Winkle

2006 – Nikki Eyre, Roberta Riley, Nancy Henry

2007 – Rebecca Shaffer Gotherman, Mary Elizabeth Heskett, Julia Perie‐Wise

2008 – Kay Ludwick, Wilma Gossart Everhart, Delma Dwyer Fairley, Regina L. Melink

2009 – Cathy Shaffer Jones, Sandra McNeil, Helen Pettyjohn Milner, Charlotte Pack

2010 – Thelma L. Coffey, Rose Fisher Merkowitz, Virginia Milner Purdy, Louise Fenner Sprinkle

2011 – Virginia “Ginny” Rogers, Ruthanne Trutner

2012 – Margaret Dieringer, Kathleen B. Levo, Sue Ludwick Smith, Jeannie Snapp

2013 – Patience Feike, Marilyn Mitchell, Linda R. Welder

2014 – Susan L. Davis Thompson, Anna Spilker, Elsie Anetta Young

2015 – Lisa Barnhouse, Cathy Griffith, Sue Frizzell Zint

2016 – Anneka P. Collins, Marilyn Morris, Gayle Coss, Paige Juillerat, Mary Ann Sommers Larkin

2017 – Margaret W. “Peggy” Addington, Janet Butler, Karen Faust

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Deadline is June 30, induction ceremony Aug. 14

By Jeff Gilliland

[email protected]